Visions of Zarua Blog Tour Schedule #WWWblogs #fantasy

Last week I put out a call for help to set up my own blog tour. I’m overwhelmed with the support I received and couldn’t be happier to announce that I’ve drawn up a schedule of sites I will be visiting during the 2 week tour.

Visions of Zarua Blog tour Banner

Here are the dates and links to the sites if you want to check out the lovely bloggers who’ve agreed to get involved.

Visions of Zarua Blog Tour

Monday 27th June – betweenthelinesbookblog  Promo Post

Tuesday 28th June – rosieamber  Review

Wednesday 29th June – bookwraiths  Indie Wednesday feature, guest post & giveaway

Thursday 30th June – aliasfaithrivens  Review & Interview

Friday 1st July – TheTattoedBookGeek  Novel extract & guest post

Saturday 2nd July – teripolen  Promo post

Sunday 3rd July – alinefromabook  Review

Monday 4th July – barbedwords  Review & Q&A session

Tuesday 5th July – baubtaub  Review, interview and giveaway

Wednesday 6th July – shelleywilson  Promo post

Thursday 7th July – jenanita01  Review

Friday 8th July – TBC spookymrsgreen  Guest post/promo

Saturday 9th July – thehappymeerkatreviews review/post

Sunday 10th July – To celebrate the last day of the tour I hope to have two posts going out;

color me in Cyanide and Cherry Review/post

Luccigray – TBC

(Helen Jones journeytoambeth hopes to post a review at some point during this two week tour.)


Exciting isn’t it! Please feel free to join in and comment, and if you want to post your own review during the blog tour, I’d be very pleased to have you involved.

Note – This is the starting line up and things may change, but I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for agreeing to help me. It has been a really uplifting experience and I look forward to starting my tour in a few weeks time.

18 thoughts on “Visions of Zarua Blog Tour Schedule #WWWblogs #fantasy

  1. Hey, I somehow missed the tour call, but if I can help you in any way, show your book on my blog, or whatever, do let me know! I still haven’t gotten around to purchasing it, but I REALLY want to, and I really like a lot what I have seen so far!

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      • I can totally post something on July 10th for you!
        I am afraid I have no idea how to run mobi files 😦 When I read stuff on PC, I usually read the plain ol’ PDF.
        I am generally interested in whatever you come up with, or are in need for your tour. I can review or just present your book, anything 🙂

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      • Thank you, I’ve been wanting to read your book for months! 😀 My email is: isiltharien at hotmail dot com. I am really looking forward to it!


  2. Good luck with the tour, actually makes for a great idea to make your own tour, you then have more control over it and how it works out :). That date is more than fine for my review re-post. Just keep me posted if you’d like to change it, or if you want me to do anything else. I’m actually new to doing anything other than reviewing but I’d be more than happy to do something else just let me know any ideas…And how to do it, lol :).

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    • Thank you.
      I wanted to do a book tour after Christmas, but didn’t have a clue how. I think taking part in the a-z challenge in April built my confidence with blogging. Thank you for agreeing to help out, I will try and think of something else to do alongside the review. I’ll be in touch.

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