Writing & Self Publishing Tips

This is a page of links to showcase my blog posts on writing, editing, self publishing and anything else that might be helpful to other authors.


10 tips for re-reading your novel after publication post

I’ve just purchased my WordPress Blog domain post

Tip for #indieauthors Check your royalty payments post

How to create a universal book short link for Amazon original post

My 10 tips on running your own Book signing / stall original post

Self publishing summit – my review.

Help, I’m going to a self-publishing summit. Any Advice? – Lots of great tips from other bloggers.


Writing & Editing

11 tips to creating heroic characters

12 questions to ask yourself before writing a series – My guest post on Sacha Black’s blog as part of The Lost Sentinel’s blog tour.

5 ways spreadsheets can help writers plan & edit their novel – My guest post on Sue Vincent’s site as part of The Lost Sentinel’s blog tour.

Are book trailers worth it? My original post with the poll. See the results of the poll here.

Top 10 tips for New Writers

How to survive Publication day

Things I wish I’d done before publication day


KDP Select and Kindle Unlimited

The KDP Countdown deal result are in July 2017 Visions of Zarua post

1 week to go with Kindle Select and why I’m renewing original post

My 2nd update on KDP experience original post

My experience with KDP Select 1 month in Read the post here


My guest posts on other great blogs

Writing and Wellness – I shared ‘How publishing taught me to be more self-reliant’ Original post

I featured as a guest blogger on Eternal Scribbler and gave my ’15 tips for self publishing the second time around’

In July 2016 I enjoyed being a featured author on Dan Alatorre’s blog. He also shared my 2 steps to running a successful blog tour.


My Writing posts during A-Z blog challenge 2016

Check the page summary for links here.  Or click on the posts direct.

Amber’s method – Top 5 writing tips

Beta readers

Editing – Search and Destroy


Kai’s questions on an author’s resilience

Proof reading – my top 10 tips


Title trouble


Writing Inspiration

My post on writing inspirations


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