#AtoZChallenge N – Notebooks I’ll never use

I have always loved notebooks and stationery. Always!

I collect notebooks and have a shelf full of unused ones. I think I must be the easiest person to buy for. A notebook and pen and I’m happy.

But these three beauties I’ve had on my shelf for at least fourteen years. I can’t bring myself to write in them. Nothing will ever be good enough to mar their beautiful pages. They were not particularly expensive, although at the time it would have been a luxury purchase.

I have to be careful, my daughter has her eye on this shelf. And I’ve seen her eyeing up these books before.


It’s funny, when she saw them on the table she said, ‘So you’re finally going to write in them then!’

No, not today.

Do you love stationery, and do you have anything you just can’t bear to use?


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9 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge N – Notebooks I’ll never use

  1. They are really pretty. I always look at pretty notebooks like this and would love to buy one and then I think of my handwriting and that I could never do it. And then I don’t buy it.
    Next time I look at this pretty notebooks and I would love to buy one of them, but then… 😉

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  2. Ooh, I’m not sure I could write in them either… but then, I’ve berated others for ‘saving things for best’ and then never using them so maybe I should get over the fear and write in the books I’ve been saving ‘for best’.

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