#AtoZChallenge M – Mood Music and the Miracle of Life

I’ve had tons of ideas for the M post in the A to Z Blog Challenge. These are a couple of things that have stuck with me.

Mood Music

I had an Q&A session with Book Savvy Reviews this week, here is the link if you missed it (Q&A). One of the questions was did I have any muse music I liked to listen to when writing. I thought I would share a couple of youtube videos of my favourite atmospheric singer/songwriter/musician. He is a totally talented and I love his music – Ben Howard…

Esmerelda – I love this song. It is simply beautiful.

Oats on the water – Hauntingly beautiful and builds to a dramatic conclusion though not over the top. Just perfect and it gives me goosebumps.

Old Pine – This is another beautiful track with lots of nostaliga to it. Lovely bit of acoustic guitar.

Keep your head up – I feel this song has a bit of a life motto ‘Keep your head up, keep your heart strong’. Brilliant song. This link also plays other of Ben Howard’s songs The Wolves, Only Love.

I love every track on his debut album Every Kingdom. It’s worth a listen, maybe you’ll find some mood music to set the tone for your next writing project. Also check out the EP’s Burgh Island and The Old Pine. I cannot recommend them enough.


Miracle of life

When I moved into my first house 7 years ago and finally got a garden, I went all out growing my own vegetables. My garden even won a prize for a local competition ‘Best Vegetable Garden.’ Not bad for a first effort!

photos apr to july 2012 067aug to dec 2012 photos 079

This year has not gone so well; the a-z blog, a kitten that climbs the window sills and will no doubt knock over my propagating trays, trying to market Visions of Zarua, and finish the edit on my next book. Something has to give.

I’m sad looking back on these pictures full of life and greenery that I haven’t put much effort into my garden. But it’s only April, plenty of time to set that straight.

aug to dec 2012 photos 076photos apr to july 2012 071photos apr to july 2012 065

If you want a hobby, gardening is wonderful. Growing from seeds and watching the miracle of life as tiny green shoots appear. Then tending and nurturing the plants as they grow and later enjoying the rewards of your labour, either visually or gathering your crop and eating it.

Time to plant some seeds I think.


Tomorrow N for notebooks.

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17 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge M – Mood Music and the Miracle of Life

  1. Your vegetable garden looks excellent! What great photos, and congratulations on winning a prize for your garden! 🙂 I haven’t done much gardening so far this year either, but I’d love to get the veg area up and working again.

    I haven’t heard any of those songs by Ben Howard, so I’m looking forward to exploring your list 🙂

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  2. Loving your pictures. Your garden looks gorgeous. I’m all behind too. I wish it would get a bit warmer so that I can get some seeds sown outdoors and move stuff out of my greenhouse. Thanks for liking my atoz post this morning.

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  3. Beautiful pics. With autumn here, my veg garden has yielded most of its crop already. Though I should add that there could’ve been more of a harvest if it weren’t for my non-existing green thumb, the drought, and the hadedas and guinea fowls who feel free to graze in my garden 🙂 The cover of your book, Visions of Zarua, is captivating. Good luck with the rest of the AtoZchallenge.

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    • The worse thing I have to contend with in my garden is slugs! I had a look at a Hadedas as I’ve never heard of them. Pretty birds, but I wouldn’t want them eating my crop. Thanks for your comment on my book cover. 6 months later I still love it and I’m glad to hear you like it too.

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