#AtoZChallenge I – Inspiration

I was lost for Inspiration with ‘I’ and that’s when it dawned on me… Inspiration.

I find getting outside with nature, whether that’s just walking or taking photographs, charges up my creativity. I like beautiful places, but forests have a special place in my heart. These two prints hang in my home, and I love to stare into them and wonder what is waiting beyond the trees.


Pictures and visual aids really get the ideas flowing. A great place to find these pictures is in magazines. Especially as you can cut the pictures out and keep them with you whenever you need a creativity boost.

I subscribe to some really good magazines that have fascinating articles as well as stunning pictures. Lots of my characters, places and ideas have come from these pages.

My top three for inspirations are;

Country file (also love the TV show on a Sunday)

Lonely Planet

Discover Britain.


I wrote a post about this a few months ago. Original post.

In the post I revealed how I covered my writing area with pictures to inspire my WIP. That would be fine, but my desk is in a corner of the kitchen so everyone has to put up with my mess. I think it looks great though. I can sit back and stare at these pictures and escape into the world I am creating.

my writing space

I told you it was a mess!

Do you have any magazines that inspire you?


Tomorrow a delicious Jam.

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14 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge I – Inspiration

  1. Those are beautiful photos! I agree that forests are perfect for inspiration. I love to take long walks in the woods when I’m working on an idea. Magazines are a good idea! I should try that. Love your work space, by the way. Mine is so plain in comparison!

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  2. Not magazines for me, I just love http://www.pixabay.com And the best thing is that (check each photo first) I have always found the photos copyright free, so you can use them in your work. And Flickr is another great source of inspiration, although if you wanted to use anything you found on there, you’d need to get permission of course. If I’m writing a scene and not sure where it’s going, I look for a photo of say a street scene, weather etc, and it inspires me to write based on that.

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  3. I love this! Beautiful pictures, and what a great idea to put pictures that remind you of your story on the walls around you desk!

    I only have a calendar on the wall above my desk, but I live in hope of a window – one with a view over an uninterrupted natural scene … maybe the ocean, or a forest. 🙂

    I’m off to look for pictures relating to my writing!

    Thanks for sharing x

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