Author Interview: Suzanne Rogerson

I’ve been busy with a Q&A session over on Book Savvy Reviews. Please check out the post and the blog, where you’ll also find lots of great reviews.

Book Savvy Reviews

I was fortunate enough to have a Q&A session with Suzanne Rogerson, author of Visions of Zarua. A huge thank you for filling out my extensive questionnaire!

  1. What sparked the idea for your debut novel “Visions of Zarua”
    Visions of Zarua started with a single scene that came to me as I scribbled in my notebook. A young woman was hunting in the woods with her two hounds, when her prey disappeared without trace. The whole story evolved from that point.
  2. Were there any key people in your life that inspired any characters in your novel?
    I didn’t have any real life people to inspire the characters in this book, but I did once base an antagonist on a rather smarmy boss.
  3. When you write, what are your essentials?
    All I need to write is a notebook and a nice pen, though I do love my little pink laptop.
  4. What would you tell…

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