David Gemmell – 10 year anniversary of my writing hero’s death #fantasy

This is just a brief post to highlight the wonderful work of David Gemmell. He was my inspiration to start writing fantasy and I’ve loved all of his books, without exception!

Whenever I’m asked who my favourite author is, the answer will always be David Gemmell.

I remember when I learnt of his death. I’d just found out I was pregnant with my second child and was contemplating the impossible task of typing up the scribbled first draft of Visions of Zarua before the baby’s arrival. David Gemmell’s death really affected me. No more Druss, Waylander, Skilgannon, Connavar or Jon Shannow… the list of wonderfully flawed heroes goes on and on.

I was so pleased to hear that his wife, Stella Gemmell, had agreed to finish the book he was working on when he died. The last book in the Troy Trilogy – Fall of Kings. I read the book with tears in my eyes for the great story teller that was lost, but also because that last book was brilliant and I knew I would never get to read any more of his work.

I read that he died at his desk. I don’t know if it’s true, but I like the romantic notion of dying whilst doing one of the things you love best.

I have a long list of books on my TBR pile, but to honour the great man I shall make this my next read.

lord of the silver bow

If you want to read a heroic fantasy story you could pick up any one of Gemmell’s books. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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