#AtoZChallenge C – Candle making

Candle making.

I got a Kirstie Allsopp ‘Vanilla Voltive Candle kit’ for mother’s day. I love anything to do with crafts and these packs with everything you need to get started are a great introduction to trying out something new.

This kit consists of;

2 bags paraffin wax pellets, 2 bags beeswax pellets, vanilla scent, cotton wick, metal wick holder, 2 wooden sticks with holes, 2 candle moulds.

What you need;

Pliers, pegs, two old pans – one big, one smaller.


I chose a windy and wet bank holiday weekend to make my first batch of candles. It was simple to do, apart from having to put the wick together and guessing a third of a bag of wax etc. Also there wasn’t any instructions on how much vanilla to add, but I just used common sense and put in a couple of drops.

The first attempt I didn’t have enough melted wax to fill the two moulds to the top, so the second time I just used the rest of the bag and had plenty to spare which I used to fill an old candle holder. I also added dried lavender, though it just sat around the top in the mould so it wasn’t the effect I was hoping for.

P1160190 (2)

Conclusion to candle making;

It was quick, simple and not too messy. They look good, burn nicely and fill the room with a lovely vanilla scent. They are really good fun and would make a nice handmade gift. It would be fun to experiment with colours and scents, so I guess I’ll have to wait and see what new designs I can come up with.


Tomorrow follows more crafty ideas.

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15 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge C – Candle making

  1. I still remember for career day back in middle school going to visit a candle making factory. I thought it was the coolest thing ever and still find candle making fascinating. It looks like your candles came out great. Glad you enjoyed the project.

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