9 ideas to create your perfect writing space

During the Christmas holidays, I had a break from writing, though it was never far from my thoughts. It never is. I decided to use the time to prepare my writing space. I think you’ll agree it’s an organised mess, but it does the job. As soon as I sit here I feel in the mood for writing.

my writing space

9 ideas for a productive writing space;

Reminders of any successes: I have a poster of my published book to remind me what is achievable, and that no matter how hard the struggle it can be done.

Have a mascot: Meet Poppy the cat. She keeps me company while the kids are at school, though she does have a habit of attacking my fingers as I type and often treads all over the keyboard.

Beautiful pictures and visual aids: I have pictures of places and characters for my WIP – Search for the Sentinel. I find it best to write the first draft and then gather pictures that appeal to me to help build the world in my mind and flesh out the details.

To do lists: I have My 9 point plan to succeed in 2016 pinned up to remind me of the tasks I have set myself. I also have a marketing to do list for Visions of Zarua.

List of useful #hastags: I find it really handy to look at this list when I’m on twitter.

Reference books: I have a bookshelf above my desk filled with reference books. From books on herbs and the forest, to horse care and survival guides. I also have a very large dictionary, but usually rely on the computer’s spell check.

Objects that make you smile: I have a few ornaments that I like to look at; a Viking warrior, an owl, a goblet and a werewolf (he was the inspiration for the Nagras in Visions of Zarua).

Odds and ends: I have a beautiful pen pot and smart little note pad.

WIP: An A4 notebook and a hard copy of Search for the Sentinel that I am currently reading through.


As my desk is in the corner of the kitchen I can never escape everyday life, so it’s important I make the space feel like my own little writing haven. Somehow I don’t think I’ll get much writing done today!

not getting any work done

Do you have any strange items in your writing space?

11 thoughts on “9 ideas to create your perfect writing space

  1. wow you have a lovely writing space. Love both of the cats. I also write in the kitchen I dont have posters or pictures up yet….but I do have a statue of Ganesh who takes away any obstacles and I often ask him to help. I also have a wooden box with all my notebooks in it, a scented candle and my dish of crystals.


  2. Your writing area looks a lot like mine – I have drawings and postcards pinned to the wall, plus school lists and photographs. Stones and feathers sit on my desk, along with about eight million post-it notes. As somewhere I spend a lot of time, it has to be how I like it! 🙂


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