Change to UK paperback price

I have changed the price of Visions of Zarua to £10.00.

At the original cost of £9.99 there was a p&p charge at Amazon, but for 1p more there is no postage and packaging fee!

If I had realised this in the beginning,  I would have set the cost to £10.00 from the start. I suppose that’s all part of the learning process indie authors go through.

I wish I could set the cost lower to be more competitive in the marketplace, but the price is calculated on pages and this book is quite long at 420. At least the extra hours editing to tighten the final word count also shaved a little off the cost!

I’m hoping my next book will come in shorter, but we’ll have to wait and see what 2016 brings.

I’m also investigating registering with the Kindle Matchbook scheme – where those who buy the paperback can buy the kindle version at a reduced cost. At the moment I don’t know if this works in the UK.

Can any of you confirm if it does or not?

The kindle version is still reduced for the Holiday period across all Amazon Kindle stores. Check out the links if you fancy picking up a bargain.

Amazon UK 99p

Amazon USA $1.47


Happy New Year everyone!


3 thoughts on “Change to UK paperback price

  1. Clever idea about the price. I’m not on amazon prime so being able to total £10 for free delivery is always good. Sorry I cannot help with the kindle thing. I don’t actually have a kindle, just downloaded the app to read kindle on other devices.

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