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Today I’m happy to introduce a newly published book – a travel adventure that I’m sure will be of interest to lots of would be travellers and those who haven’t been able to get away this year due to covid-19.

First, here’s a few words from debut author Dawn East about what inspired her to write and publish Heading East (great title btw).

Before I went on a one year sabbatical around Asia, Australia and Eastern Europe, I thought I’d write a blog about my travels to let my family and friends know what I was up to. However, it soon turned into something much bigger and I found myself writing for hours about each place I visited. My friends loved it so I kept writing. 

This book is all of my blog posts combined into one and covers the honest ups and downs of solo travel as an older female traveller. From sad histories to funny anecdotes, there is something for everyone. If you’re tempted to follow in my footsteps then I’ve included a helpful Q&A at the end. I hope you enjoy following my adventures.


The very thought of home ownership and settling down was enough to send Dawn East running for the hills – otherwise known as the Trans-Mongolian Train, where her adventures across Asia, Australia and Eastern Europe would begin. But how would a self-confessed fussy eater, who worries about everything from bag-snatchers to parasitic skin infections, cope with a year of strange foods, noisy dorms and leaving behind a blossoming relationship?

Join Dawn, a forty-year-old primary school teacher, on her one year sabbatical as she navigates her way through twenty-six different countries.

You can see the book on Amazon.

Thanks for stopping by. If you do pick up a copy of Heading East, please consider leaving a review to help out a debut indie author. (Dawn is not on social media, but if you have any comments for her I can pass them on.)


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#Weekendwanderings around Arundel #photo #Arundelcastle

Last week we paid a flying visit to the beautiful town of Arundel. It is now officially my favourite place! I can’t wait to go back for a proper visit. Here are a couple of photos I’d like to share.

DSC_1531DSC_15322017-06-01 12.11.18

By the bridge is this wonderful tile map of the river system. I’ve not seen anything like it before.


I love the ship drawings too (I’m a bit obsessed with ships having featured them in my new book). I can see Farrell and his crew of pirate hunters at the docks trading supplies for the pirates they’ve captured.

There is so much history here, and a museum that definitely needs a visit. Below is a ruin of a Dominican Priory which sits by the River Arun.

2017-06-01 12.18.052017-06-01 12.17.48

A couple of examples of the Tudor style buildings that are dotted around the town.

2017-06-01 12.33.062017-06-01 12.35.06

The castle was something special and could be seen from pretty much any location in Arundel that we passed through. We didn’t get to go inside the castle this visit, but next time…


2017-06-01 12.08.50

I will do a proper feature on Arundel Castle in the autumn.

Over the next few weeks I have some more photo posts planned. Look out for Chichester and its magnificent cathedral, Bognor beach, and some more shots of my falconry day. I hope you can join me again.

Weekend wanderings around Malta & Gozo #photo #travel

For a long time, I’ve been too scared to fly. But when my parents offered to take us on a family holiday I put aside my fear and went for it. I chose a destination that interests me, Malta.

The worse part for me was take off, but then I was surprisingly relaxed and even enjoyed the view.

2016-07-29 12.12.50 (2)

2016-07-29 12.16.45 (2)2016-07-29 12.17.09 (2)

Views from our hotel -DB Seabanks.

The hotel was clean and cool, and the all inclusive food was excellent with plenty of opportunities to be more adventurous with food choices. The staff were friendly, and it was a great location for the beach / sea just across the road.

  Trip to the Blue Grotto


2016-07-31 10.49.11 (2)

This cool looking rock shelter


A look at the Maltese wildlife and fauna

Bee in a cactus flower

2016-07-31 11.04.39 (2)2016-07-31 11.04.46 (2)

Lovely lizard

P1160969 (2)

Biggest cricket I’ve ever seen

P1160962 (3)


I didn’t spot much in the way of wildlife or fauna. Malta is a very hot and dry country. We were told it hadn’t rain for a while and even some of the cacti looked in need of a drink. Along the roads there were lots of beautiful shrubs / trees with vivid pink flowers, but I didn’t get to find out what they were.

A day trip to Gozo

We enjoyed a boat trip around the Azure window (apparently it’s been made famous by the Game of Thrones series, which gives me the perfect excuse to re-watch it for a glimpse of the amazing natural phenomena.) I wish there had been more time to get some shots from land as well.

P1170038P1170028P1170019 (2)P1170020 (2)P1170054

Gozo was gearing up for its Fiesta celebrations


2016-08-01 12.51.18

The Cittadel and the view from the highest point in Gozo


A view of the island of Camino and the Blue Lagoon.


The main reason I chose Malta / Gozo was its history and the architecture.

From the small, every day buildings…

To the magnificent churches like Ta-Pinu.

I’ll finish with some shots of other buildings seen from afar.

P1160968 (2)P1160980

P1160996P1160998 (2)


I hope you’ve enjoyed my brief tour of Malta and Gozo. There is so much more to see, maybe I’ll be lucky enough to go back one day.

Note – Photos taken on my Sony Xperia camera phone and faithful old Lumix (some picture quality is poor due to being taken through coach windows).


I’d like to dedicate this post to my parents and take the opportunity to thank them for taking us away with them. They’ve helped me get over my fear of flying, and now I know there is a whole world out there waiting to be explored.