The Lost Sentinel 99p in the kindle countdown deal + pre-order The Sentinel’s Reign for 99p #fantasy #epicfantasy

I am running a Kindle Countdown Deal for Book 1 in the Silent Sea Chronicles. The Lost Sentinel is just 99p for one week only.

Book 2 The Sentinel’s Reign is also on a pre-order offer of just 99p. The price will go up after publication on 29th June 2018.

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That means right now you can pick up both books for just £1.98

Here’s the info about the first two books in the trilogy…



The magical island of Kalaya is dying, along with its Sentinel. With the Kalayan people turning their back on magic, can Tei help the exiles find their new Sentinel before it’s too late?

The Assembly controls Kalaya. Originally set up to govern, they now persecute those with magic and exile them to the Turrak Mountains.

Tei, a tailor’s daughter, has always hidden her magic. But when her father’s old friend visits and warns them to flee to the mountains she must leave her old life behind.

On the journey, an attack leaves her father mortally wounded. He entrusts her into the care of two exiles, Rike and Garrick, and on his deathbed makes a shocking confession.

Struggling with self-doubt, Tei joins the exiles in the search for their lost Sentinel. But mysterious Masked Riders want the Sentinel too, and time, as well as hope, is running out.

How can Tei help the Kalayan people reunite and save the magic when their ignorance threatens to destroy them all?

Follow Tei’s journey through the magical land of Kalaya and the Astral Plane.

ORDER FOR 99p / 99c 1 week only



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The new Sentinel’s reign is doomed to failure unless Tei can prevent the Kalayan people from plunging into war.

With the new Sentinel initiated and the magic restored on Kalaya, life is flourishing for Tei and the exiles. But Rathnor’s plans for war soon escalate and thwart any chance of peace.

Brogan’s position on the Assembly is uncertain as rumours circulate that he is an exile spy.

After an attempt on his life, Farrell is more determined than ever to build a home for his people on Stone Haven. But the council have their sights set on Kalaya and Farrell struggles to steer them from war.

As trouble brews within and outside forces gather against them, can the exiles keep their hold on the magic, or will this spell the end of Kalaya and its people?



Note – To those who pre-ordered The Sentinel’s Reign at the higher price of £2.99, please be assured you are covered by the Amazon price promise guarantee and will only be charged 99p on the publication date 29th June 2018.



#KDP #Countdowndeal continues Visions of Zarua #promo #SFF #fantasy

Just a quick reminder that the Kindle Countdown deal is still running today.

The ebook is £1.99 / $1.99 today only.




If you like epic, fantasy with a good helping of sword and sorcery, magic and a dash of romance, why not try this standalone fantasy. Plenty of reviewers have said its perfect for readers of mystery and those who have never read fantasy before.

Here’s the universal book link to your Amazon site Visions of Zarua  (I’m very proud of myself creating this simple link and if you want to create one yourself, here’s how I did it in yesterday’s post ).

Have a great weekend everyone!

Update from Suzanne Rogerson Fantasy Author

First off the price promo on the ebook / kindle has ended, but the pricing has gone wrong on Amazon, so it’s still at a bargain price for a short time. If you fancy a dark and thrilling read that keeps you hooked from beginning to end, check out Visions of Zarua.

It’s already got 6 great 4 & 5 star reviews on Amazon, but I would love to get some more. If you have read and enjoyed it, I would really appreciate it if you could spare a few moments to rate and review it on Amazon uk/us, goodreads, or whatever format you feel comfortable with. Getting discovered is all about the reviews. Plus I love reading the feedback, it lets me know all the stress and sleepless nights have been worth it.

The UK Goodreads Giveaway for Visions of Zarua has finished and a winner has been picked at random. It wasn’t as successful as the worldwide giveaway, but I was still very pleased to see 192 entered and that currently Visions is on over 800 peoples bookshelves to read. Of course, I didn’t time the giveaway well, finishing during the long bank holiday weekend means I can’t post the winner their prize until tomorrow.

I am shortly to embark on the April A-Z Blog Challenge, where I will blog everyday, except Sunday’s. My theme will be Crafts, but will also cover writing, editing, foraging and possibly a little magic!

My work in progress has to take a back seat for a few weeks during the Easter Hols and while I prepare for the A-Z blog challenge. I’m still determined to publish the first book in the Bloodlines series during 2016 and can’t wait to start working on the cover art etc. I’m really excited about self publishing the second time around, doing cover reveals and creating some pre-order excitement. Plus, I also hope to send out a few advanced review copies, and maybe do a blog tour beforehand. These are all things I didn’t know about the first time around. Self publishing is still a big learning curve, so if anyone has any advice, I’m happy to receive it.

Finally, I have also just joined Rosie Amber’s team of reviewers. Over the last few months I’ve really enjoyed writing reviews of the books I’ve enjoyed, and it’s great to have the opportunity to join a team of well established reviewers.

Rosie's Book Review team 1

For those of you interested in picking up Visions of Zarua at its bargain price, here are some links,  amazon smashwords nook

VOZ print book 3d image on phone Thanks for reading.

Visions of Zarua 99p / $1.99. My #Mslexia Ad & Subscriber Spotlight in #WritingMagazine

Two days ago I received the new Mslexia magazine and was very happy to see my ad for Visions of Zarua at the top of their noticeboard on page 12.

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If you can’t read my blurry picture, the ad states ‘Visions of Zarua by Suzanne Rogerson. Paddren is plagued by visions of a city on the brink of annihilation. When his master dies investigating the visions, Paddren vows to find the killer. His childhood friend, the skilled tracker Varnia, and her lover Leyoch agree to help. They’re guided by a wizard from centuries ago – a wizard whose history holds the key to the horror at the heart of the abandoned city of Zarua. Can Paddren decipher his visions in time to save the Paltrian people from the dark menace of Zarua’s past?’

Then today, I received my Writing Magazine and right in the centre is my piece in the Subscriber Spotlight section.

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(Hopefully this picture is a little easier to read.)

These magazine pieces have come at the perfect time to drum up a bit of interest in Visions of Zarua as I have just set up a kindle and ebook price promotion of 99p / $1.99. I’m hoping this will help persuade people to take a chance on my debut epic fantasy.

Available to buy here: amazon  smashwords

I’m looking into ways to advertise this price promo, so any tips you can offer will be very welcome.

I also have news of another Goodreads Giveaway. This time I’ve limited it to the UK, but I will do another worldwide giveaway in the future. The giveaway runs from 10th to 24th March, so I will be shouting about it nearer the time.

Please share and help spread the word.