Hugh’s Weekly #Photo Challenge – Week 17 Calm

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve managed to participate in Hugh’s weekly photo challenge, but the idea of something that makes me calm was very appealing. Apart from taking a picture of a glass of wine (husband’s suggestion, not mine) this place does the job just as well.



This is Virginia Waters in Berkshire, a beautiful place to walk at any time of year. We’ve spent many happy family days wandering this Royal Park and its beautiful gardens. There’s interest all year round, but I love this spring morning where the carpet of blossom lays so thick it looks like snow.

These photos were taken on 31 March 2015, which became a very special day because we stumbled upon this grass snake basking in the sunshine. I was so happy to capture the shot, before I’ve only managed a disappearing tail! I was lucky this snake must have been feeling sluggish after a recent meal.