The Lost Sentinel – Audiobook tour starts today. Plus FREE ebook offer.

Happy weekend everyone, or what’s left of it.

Today marks the start of the audio blog tour for The Lost Sentinel run by Audiobookworm.

To celebrate I’ve set up the ebook to be free for the next 5 days only, just follow the Amazon link.

Did you know, if you pick up the ebook for free, you can get the audiobook at a huge discount on Amazon or Audible.

A review has already gone up ‘…The Start of a Wonderful Journey…’ See the 5 star review here on Westveil Publishing’s blog.

Here’s the schedule for the tour;

Nov. 8th:
Westveil Publishing (Review)
Sadie’s Spotlight (Spotlight, Audio Excerpt)

Nov. 9th:
Rockin’ Book Reviews (Review)
Nesie’s Place (Spotlight, Audio Excerpt, Narrator Interview)

Nov. 10th:
Jazzy Book Reviews (Spotlight, Audio Excerpt, Author Interview)
4 the Love of Audiobooks (Spotlight, Audio Excerpt, Author Interview)

Nov. 11th:
A Wonderful World of Words (Audio Excerpt, Author Interview)
Audiobook News (Spotlight, Audio Excerpt)

Nov. 12th:
Dab of Darkness Audiobook Reviews (Review, Spotlight)
Super Booked! (Spotlight, Audio Excerpt, Narrator Interview)

Nov. 13th:
Karma Readz (Review, Author Interview)
Eileen Troemel (Spotlight, Audio Excerpt, Narrator Interview)

Nov. 14th:
2 Girls & A Book (Spotlight, Audio Excerpt, Author Interview)
T’s Stuff (Spotlight, Audio Excerpt, Narrator Interview)

Nov. 15th:
I’m Into Books (Spotlight)
Teatime and Books (Spotlight, Audio Excerpt, Author Interview)

I’ll be back soon with the tour highlights.

Stay happy and stay safe!


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The Lost Sentinel hits No.1 in the US! Plus it’s No.4 Amazon Best Seller of all fantasy books!

I wanted to type that title in full caps to shout about how happy I am this morning. To see my book baby in a no.1 position in the US is amazing.

Finally I’ve worked out a way to share the screenshots.

First the big one – No.4 in the top 100 across all fantasy books in the US!

I’ve also hit No.1 best seller in 3 categories Actions and Adventure Fantasy, Romantic fantasy and New Adult fantasy as per below.

This more than makes up for the fact I only had 3 hours sleep, what with the heatwave, a puppy stealing the bed (she also manged to kick me straight in the eye!) and a cat meowing half the night for god only knows what reason.

I also reached No. 2 in Coming of Age Fantasy and Epic Fantasy, and it’s No. 3 in Sword and Sorcery.

Finally it’s wonderful to see that The Lost Sentinel is currently at position 83 in the Top 100 Free Kindle chart!

I know this is fleeting and within a few hours things will change, but for now I’m going to enjoy it! Hopefully this buzz will get me through the rest of the day on such little sleep.

Don’t forget to pick up your free copy of The Lost Sentinel if you haven’t done so already. It’s only free for 2 more days.


Suzanne Rogerson – Author of epic and heroic fantasy

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