#weekendwanderings – The Bishops Garden in Chichester #photos #flowers #cathedral

You may have seen my post yesterday with a wander around the cathedral of Chichester. Today I wanted to shared some pictures of the Bishops Garden, which also has some beautiful views of the cathedral. Again this is open to the public to enjoy and makes a lovely base for a picnic or just to enjoy the summer sun.


My favourite flower here has to be the Bearded Iris.


There is also a lot of history in Chichester. I wish we’d had time to do more, especially the 1.5 mile circular walk tracing the old wall around the city – details in the pictures below.


I hope I’ve inspired you to visit this beautiful city, I would certainly love to go back.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Weekend Wanderings – Along the River Thames #photo #nature

Last week we took a family stroll along the river on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I haven’t really seen this hidden part of Staines-Upon-Thames before, and it was only spoilt by the occasional dumped rubbish or poo tied up in a bag (why do dog walkers do that?). Plus I got a gnat bite which has been driving me crazy, but it was still a wonderful hour on an August afternoon.

2016-08-07 15.41.50 (2)2016-08-07 15.42.572016-08-07 15.54.32 (2)2016-08-07 15.45.19

Some interesting angles.

2016-08-07 15.46.01 (2)2016-08-07 15.46.37 (3)2016-08-07 15.46.24


And my favourite, a couple of macro shots to finish off.

2016-08-07 15.51.262016-08-07 15.41.092016-08-07 15.50.55 (2)

2016-08-07 15.49.45 (2)

Did you guess right? #Photo challenge

Thanks to those who made guesses yesterday on this strange close up shot for my #wordlesswednesday post. It was inspired by my brilliant camera phone that has been wowing me with its macro abilities.

I asked who can guess what this is?

DSC_0382 (4)

I had some great guesses and the answer is…





2016-07-05 12.40.16

And with a little help from one of these busy little fellows…

P1150434 (5)

It became this…

2016-07-19 11.11.43

Nothing tastes quite as good as home grown cucumber, but watch out for those prickles! Seeing them close up for the first time really did freak me out. They remind me of the sting on a wasps bottom, and I don’t want to be on the receiving end of one of those again!

Thanks for all your guesses, and of course congratulations to those of you who got it right. Hope you’ve enjoyed this bit of fun. I’ll be posting some more veg inspired pictures next week.