#Tuesdaybookblog The Great Escape – Megan Rix #childrensbook #bookreview

Title: The Great Escape

Author: Megan Rix

Genre: Children’s book 9+

Published: 2012

Pages: 208

I received a copy from my daughter who really wanted me to read it.



Robert and Lucy Edwards love their pets more than anything, but the threat of the Second World War forces them to flee to Devon – leaving their animals behind. As the air-raid sirens sound, the animals are sent to be put down. But Buster, Tiger and Rose make a daring escape. With danger at every turn, can the trio make it across the country – and cheat death for a second time?

First Impressions:

The Great Escape is a brilliant read for children. It’s packed with little facts and details about World War II, but as it all forms naturally within the story it doesn’t appear like learning at all. The author handled difficult topics like evacuations & mass animal destruction with great skill.


Robert and Lucy and their pets were well drawn characters and I really enjoyed following their story.


I enjoyed all the interesting bits of history that the author cleverly wove into the story. Winston Churchill even turned up for a few pages as he adopted Tiger the cat and named him Jock (my daughter had learnt about this in school so it was a great way of reinforcing facts).

However, I didn’t like how the author switched between different character viewpoints within scenes. I haven’t read many childrens’ books to know if this is normal practice, and it may just be the writer in me nitpicking. It did not spoil the story in any way.

Recommend this book to:

It is a perfect learning device for children showing them how it was to live though the start of World War II. It should be recommended reading in all junior schools. Children and animal lovers will enjoy this tale.

Final thoughts:

I found this story emotional and enjoyed it a lot. I would like to thank my daughter for introducing me to this book.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars