The Lost Sentinel hit No 1 in the Top 100 free Amazon chart #fantasy

The Lost Sentinel is currently on a 5 day free promo and I have stacked ads to help me reach readers.

This morning I was excited to wake up to see The Lost Sentinel had hit number 1,2 and 3 slots in Canada for Coming of Age fantasy, Epic fantasy and Sword and Sorcery! Here’s the proof.

I have screenshots of the lists but I’m still having trouble downloading them to WordPress. It’s frustrating as I’ve been looking forward to this moment and I want to shout about how happy I am about these results!

I have a big ad hitting soon and and I’m hoping it will help me reach the big spot in more countries. Fingers crossed!

I’ll keep you updated and share my results at the end of the experiment. In the meantime, if you haven’t picked up your free copy of The Lost Sentinel, why not do it now? You can help me achieve my goal of reaching no. 1 in the Amazon top 100 free charts.

Thanks very much.

Another book birthday and Ad experiments #fantasy #fantasypromo

Yes, I know it’s another book birthday post, but I’m super proud of The Sentinel’s Alliance reaching it’s first birthday today. It was such a special feeling to finally finish publishing the trilogy and receiving such wonderful reviews from readers and book bloggers. Now I just need readers to find it!

With that in mind I’ve been experimenting with Ad’s over the weekend, trying to find the right combo for Facebook ads to promote the box set.

Here’s a couple I’ve designed, let me know what you think.

I’ve also played with a few for the first book.

What do you think about promo’s, is it better to focus on the first book in a series or the whole box set?

I still have lots of work to do making my ad’s but I’d love some feedback at this early stage and before I start actively promoting it.


Have you read the box set? Would you consider leaving reviews on Amazon / Goodreads / Bookbub or where ever you feel comfortable posting them? I love to share quotes from reviewers and I hope to pick a few to add to my ads.

Thanks for your time.