#AtoZChallenge L – Leaf quiz & Lovely Lilies

As last weekend provided some lovely sunny weather, I decided to take a few shots around the garden of the spring leaves. I’m a bit of a shrubaholic (if such a thing exists). See if you can guess these leaves… (there’s no guarantee I will remember all their names though!)

P1160479P1160485P1160497 (2)P1160499


There are three shrubs in the picture below – but I only planted two of them.

P1160513 (2)

P1160546 (2)P1160556 (2)P1160553

P1160577 (2)

And remember this?              P1160167 (2)

Now looking more like this


These last ones are special to me. If you’ve read my book Visions of Zarua you might know why. It’s not looking its prettiest at the moment, but give it a few weeks!

P1160488 (2)

P1160563 (2)

Lovely Lilies

Lilies from a visit to Kew Gardens last year. So many beautiful varieties. According to my foraging guide (see F for Foraging post) you can cook and store the seeds of the lily but the rest of the plant is inedible (stringy and horrible I scribbled in my notes, though thankfully he didn’t expect us to try any).

P1140851 (2)P1140858P1140865P1140864P1140861P1140859P1140855 (2)P1140854


I look forward to your guesses on the leaf quiz.


Tomorrow M for … mmm I don’t know yet!

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