#AtoZchallenge S – Spirit Song #flashfiction

For S in the AtoZChallenge I’m so happy to be sharing this flash fiction story that came third in the flash500 comp in 2013.

Judge Steph Patterson – Senior editor of Crooked Cat Publishing stated,

‘Unusual, emotional, warm, surprising — a warm, unusual story. It moved me when I read it. It has an air of esoteric.’

Have a read and let me know your thoughts…

Spirit Song

Cecilia no longer saw the faces of the dying. They were merely shells cast off at the last to free the soul within. But, in the moments before death, she often wondered what happened to their spirits.
Sensing the man’s time was drawing near, she picked up her lute. Her fingers plucked the strings, dancing like raindrops over the notes, filling the room with fluid harmony. Slowly, the man in the bed responded. The music rose to a crescendo as he took his final breath, and she wept as his spirit lifted clear of its bonds to embrace the light. Cecilia let her fingers fall from the strings, while the haunting resonance of the song echoed around her. She cradled the lute in her frail hands and allowed the stale sickly air in the room to dry her tears. The intrusion of another broke the spell, and she opened her eyes to blackness.
‘He’s gone, Cecilia. But he died with a smile on his face,’ the nurse told her softly. ‘Come on, let’s get you back to your room.’
Cecilia shook her head. ‘There’s another down the hall…’ She rose on unsteady legs, clutching the lute possessively against her body.
‘At least let me help.’ The nurse took hold of her arm, but Cecilia recoiled from the touch and the strength of life flowing through the younger woman.
‘I can do it myself.’ She felt her way to the door and shuffled along the corridor with her hand trailing along the wall. Finally she reached the right room and slipped inside. She plucked the familiar notes of the spirit song until the dying woman floated away into the healing light.
Cecilia slumped to the floor, hugging the lute to her chest. Exhaustion tugged her towards sleep and she dreamt of the place beyond death.
She awoke in bed and sensed the nurse at her side. A warm hand squeezed her cold bony flesh.
‘My lute…’ she croaked and felt feebly for her beloved instrument.
‘Have a drink first.’
A straw prodded her lips and she sucked at the water, choking as its coldness flooded her constricted throat. The covers shifted under the weight of the lute and her hand scrabbled to lay across its neck. She stroked the strings with her fingertips, too weak to pluck a note.
Cecilia drifted back to sleep. The music swelled inside her, its poignant melody leading her spirit away from its dying shell. She travelled through a tunnel feeling weightless and pain-free, and cocooned by warmth. Bright light blinded her and cold air caressed her naked body. The shrill cry of a new-born filled her ears. Cecilia forced open her eyes and stared up into a stranger’s face.
Before the memories of her old life faded away, she finally had her answer.

spirit song light

The story behind the story;

Spirit Song holds a very special place in my heart. I wrote it when my Grandad was admitted into a hospice. At the time I was attending creative writing classes and the prompt for that week was Cecilia, the patroness of musicians.

I sat in bed with my notebook and closed my eyes to think. When I started to write this piece seemed to flow onto the page almost fully formed and I instantly fell in love with the character.

I entered it into the Flash500 comp. The critique stated it was a lovely character study, but not a story.

I couldn’t let Spirit Song go, or maybe it wouldn’t let go of me. I rewrote the end and gave it a starting point that tied in with the conclusion. Then I re-entered and this second attempt was placed 3rd in the Flash500 comp. I felt like that was a turning point for me, a time when I could really start to believe in myself as a writer. Two years later, I self published my first novel.

Did you have a defining moment when you realised you were a writer?

(If you want to find out more about the Flash 500 Quarterly competition, click here. It’s well worth paying for the critique, my story would never have been placed without that important feedback.)

P1150497 (2)


Tomorrow T for Titles.

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Did you guess the object? And my perfect writing holiday.

The object in the photograph below (which I posted it in response to Hughes weekly photo challenge week 12 – games) was of course a footprint, a cast of a wolf footprint to be exact.

WP_20160207_20_50_14_Pro  Thank you, Hugh for picking my picture to showcase on your weekly blog challenge.

It is not as exciting as a fossilised footprint (being only 12+ years old), but it is very special to me and reminds me of one of the most magical and memorable experiences of my life.

I stayed on holiday for a week at Wolf Watch UK, actually within a wolf reserve in Shropshire, England. It’s a brilliant organisation and for me it was a once in a lifetime holiday. Please check out their website Wolf Watch UK to see how gorgeous the place is and the important work they do. I don’t know if they still run holidays, but there are plenty of opportunities to visit the wolves on things like photography days.

(The pictures in this post are not the greatest quality as they are only photos of photos, it was way before my days of digital photography.)

I loved that whole experience. Hearing the majestic and haunting sound of the wolves howling in the evening and early morning – I couldn’t think of a better alarm clock. I would spring out of bed at the first howl (not that easy when you’re 5 months pregnant!) and record their howling on my little palm top computer. I have a sound file that I wanted to share, but the .wav format is not accepted by wordpress. If anyone can tell me how to convert and add sound files I would love to update this post. As it is you’ll have to put up with a rather poor quality image of one of the wolves mid-howl or yawning its hard to tell.


Back in 2004 there was no TV reception in this beautiful Shropshire wooded valley so it made the perfect writing retreat. I started planning and writing scene for one of my works in progress called Child of Destiny. I hope to finally finish the draft in 2016.

My husband wasn’t that happy without a TV. And he certainly wasn’t keen on the wolf feeding experience.

tony and the wolf

I loved my time in the wolf enclosure. Even though I was 5 months pregnant with my first child, I wasn’t going to let that stop me getting up close with these lovely creatures. I think you’ll agree I look a lot happier about it than my husband.

me and the wolf

I’ve always been an animal lover, but my obsession with wolves started when I read Robin Hobbs Farseer trilogy. Nighteyes was, and still is, one of my favourite all time fictional characters. I’d love to have met him.

This holiday will always have a special place in my heart and it’s brought back lots of memories writing about it now. I would love to revisit Wolf Watch UK, but I have a few years to go before my youngest is 16 (age limit imposed for safety reasons).

If you ever get the chance, go along and meet the wolves. The experience will stay with you forever.

I’m taking a few days off social media to finish the edit of my next book. Please do leave comments though, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.



What does it take to write a novel?


7 note books, reams of paper, years of hard work, thousands of hours of writing and rewriting, 4 beta readers, several online courses and professional critiques, and lets not go into the money involved…


Now that Visions of Zarua is published, I decided to use this lazy day between Christmas and New Year to tidy my desk drawers and go through all the old paperwork. I’ve boxed up all the note books that hold the first draft, the pictures of characters and places that helped me create my world, my extensive notes on everything to do with Paltria and its characters, the various critique reports and my notes on rewriting.

Who would have thought that pile of scribbles and half formed plans would turn into this…


Visions of Zarua started way back in 2003 with a tiny idea. I wonder what my younger self would think if she knew the long, long journey ahead.

Last minute book nerves and a call for advice.

Only 4 days to go and the champagne is on ice (well it’s in the fridge).

Ready for publication day

Ready for publication day!

I’ve been waiting for this day for as long as I can remember; to actually call myself a published author. But as we draw closer to the 16th November, I have to admit to the odd night of insomnia.

My marketing strategy, or lack of one, is the main source of my concern and the reason for this post. I would like to call on the blogging community for advice, and any tried and tested methods of reaching readers.

So far the ideas I have implemented are:

  • A paid Ad in the Dec 2015 Mslexia magazine
  • A feature in the Subscriber Spotlight Writing Magazine – the issue has yet to be confirmed.
  • A fellow blogger, Thomas Brooke, has agreed to run a blog post on the day Visions of Zarua is released.
  • I’ve ordered business cards with my book’s image, blurb and website etc. These have been lost in transit and re-ordered. I know they won’t help much, but I just wanted something physical to represent the book, and they are reasonably priced, if they ever turn up.
  • I have set up author pages on Amazon, Smashwords and Goodreads. I have completed interviews on the sites where possible.
  • I’ve tried to enrol in Amazon’s Search Inside, but something has delayed my application. Another thing to chase when I get the chance.

I’ve yet to call on any book reviewers – that will be my next step.

I also read a suggestion somewhere of setting up an author page on Amazon’s other sites i.e. .com .de .fr. So that is something else to look into.

Does anyone have any other suggestions? Or would anyone consider running a post about the book during the first few weeks of its release?

Thanks to those who have been sharing and spreading the word. I appreciate your efforts.

I’ll leave you with this picture, I know I’ve used it before, but I love it. And I’m sure she could do a better job at marketing than me.

2015-09-22 10.56.57

Length of #fantasy fiction

Since starting NaNoWriMo2015, I’m beginning to understand the draw of writing trilogies and series.
I decided to draft book 3 of my WIP ‘Bloodlines’ to see if a third book was warranted. I had no real plan, except that a distance, long forgotten enemy was going to make an unexpected return. The characters have come to mind so easily and have given me plenty of scope to carry on their stories. I know their pasts, their motivations and how they will react so it’s been easy to conjure scenes between them. Although I concluded book 2 happily, I’ve realised there are plenty of new challenges ahead for my characters. It’s been a pleasure allowing myself to write without censor and revisiting these characters has been a joy. I’m too far off the word count to complete NaNoWriMo, but I’m glad to be taking part. I should have planned to publish my first novel in a different month. That’s something to remember for next time.

Suzanne Rogerson Fantasy Author

A recent blog on fantasy-faction.com got me thinking about the length of fantasy books.

They are usually weighty tomes, which I don’t have a problem with until you start building those into trilogies and series and clocking up thousands of pages.

I believe there should be more standalone novels in fantasy. It’s always sad when a book you’ve loved comes to an end, but isn’t it good to have closure? To know that the next book you pick up will be the start a new adventure with the author. To discover new worlds and find new characters to fall in love with.

I’ve even been put off starting series because the scale of them is just too daunting (Game of Thrones as an example, though I’ve loved the TV series). As an author I’m in awe of the skills involved in holding it all together, but as a reader I…

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Visions of Zarua – 1 Week to Go!

In just 7 days my book will be released.

I’ve put the first chapter on the website for those who want a sneak peek. You can also download a sample of the first 4 chapters on the Smashwords website. Samples can be downloaded in your preferred format.

Check out the links below.


Chapter 1

I hope you enjoy.

Why you should take part in #NaNoWriMo2015

It’s gives you permission to write   –   Allow yourself a reason to sit at the computer and just write without distraction. Let the dirty dishes build up, forget to put away the washing or do the ironing. You have a word count to meet!

It’s enriching   –   To see the word count build shows you that you can write something longer than a short story. You do have a novel in you, even if it takes some heavy editing to find it in the end.

There’s no pressure to write perfectly   –   No one will ever see it. You can let the ideas flow from your fingertips without censorship. Let the story take its course and see where the characters lead you in their misspelt, ungrammatical way.

A way for the ideas to find release   –   It’s a great way of getting the ideas in your head down onto paper. The story will grow from just an idea into something more tangible. The more you write, the more real the characters will become. Before long, they will take over and start writing their own story.

There’s no time for Writer’s Block   –   If you want to beat that word count, you can’t allow a silly block to get in the way. Write around the block. Write a different scene, there’s no need for order. Let the characters have a mundane conversation and see if they get bored and lead you in a new direction. Just don’t stop writing.

I love the freedom NaNoWriMo has given me after two years of intensive editing and rewriting. Now that I’ve finally produced a novel for publication with all the time consuming  formatting that’s involved, I have an excuse to stop worrying for a while and start enjoying writing again.