AtoZ Blog Challenge 2016


#atozchallenge – summary of 2016 original post

#atozchallenge – Z Zucchini cake gluten / dairy free original post

#atozchallenge – Y Yummy bird seed toast original post

#atozchallenge – X Xtremely healthy lunch original post

#atozchallenge – W Warwick Castle and re-enactments original post

#atozchallenge – V Vitamin A & C syrup (make your own) Original post

#atozchallenge – U Ultimate Flapjacks original post

#atozchallenge – T Title Trouble original post

#atozchallenge – S Spirit Song original post

#atozchallenge – R Reviewers original post

#atozchallenge – Q Quality close-ups photos from West Mid Safari Park original post

#atozchallenge – P Proofreading original post

#atozchallenge – O Orange (a celebration of colour) original post

#atozchallenge – N Notebooks original post

#atozchallenge – M Mood Music and the Miracle of Life original post

#atozchallenge – L Leaf quiz and Lovely Lilies original post

#atozchallenge – K Kai’s questions on an author’s resilience original post

#atozchallenge – J Jam Making original post

#atozchallenge – I Inspiration original post

#atozchallenge – H Hampton Court original post

#atozchallenge – G Gluten Free Carrot Cake original post

#atozchallenge – F Foraging original post

#atozchallenge  – E Editing (Search and destroy) original post

#atozchallenge – D Dried Flowers, Drying Rosemary & Dear Rosemary original post

#atozchallenge – C Candle making Original post

#atozchallenge – B Beta readers – original post

#atozchallenge A – Amber’s Method: Top 5 #writingtips – Original blog




Originally posted back in Feb (I think) when I signed up for the challenge. Now 743 on the list of 1623. Wow, that’s a lot of blogs to check out!


Today I signed up for the A-Z April Blog Challenge. I’m number 757 on the list, so it’s obviously very popular.

I’m still in my first year of blogging, so this is the first time I’ll be taking part. My editor, Alison Williams, recommended it. I look on it as a way to help me blog more, to find new blogs and hopefully build my own audience. It’s also a great opportunity to try out a few new things that I’ve been wanting to do for a while, and to share some of my favourite recipes and experiences.

My theme is crafts, or a loose interpretation of it. This is ranging from foraging, soap making, and my very special recipe for Zucchini cake – the kids number 1 favourite cake and it’s almost healthy too.

I’m still stuck on b, k, l, u and x. Guess I’m going to have to get creative.

I hope you can check out some of my April blogs and look forward to checking out yours too.

Follow the link here if you want to find out more about the A-Z April Blog Challenge.