Reading plans for the last of 2022 #amreading #romance #fantasy #urbanfantasy

I have been terrible at sharing my reviews lately, even though I’ve read some great books this year and want to rave about them!

For now I will focus on the books I want to read before the end of 2022. I have a huge TBR pile to choose from, but at the beginning of the year I wrote a list of the books I definitely want to fit in. I won’t get through them all now, so I have drawn up yet another short list.


As I’m writing romance at the moment, I find myself drawn to read it more than ever. I used to read one or two a year, but now it’s mainly what I reach for when it’s time to pick a new book.

The first book I must get to is a Netgalley request – Jo Thomas – Keeping a Christmas Promise

Claire Huston – The Only Exception (I’ve really enjoyed Claire’s other books)

Nancy Borane – New Hope for the Little Cornish Farmhouse (I love the premise of this book)

I do enjoy a Christmas themed story. Closer to the big day I have a collection of charity shop buys set during the festive period to delve into.

Urban Fantasy

I’ve actually read quite a bit of this lately rather than my usual go to epic or heroic fantasy. I’ve really enjoyed the change and have a couple of series I really want to continue. I want to make some of these a priority for 2022.

Laura Laasko – Echo Murder – Wilde Investigations bk 2 (I also own book 3, and book 4 is due for release this month). Book 1 was excellent!

Talis Jones – Fifth Sun series. I really enjoyed books 1-3 (and must post my reviews) so am looking forward to 4 and 5.

Josie Jaffery – Judgement Day – Seekers book 2 (Bk 1 May Day was brilliant).


Fantasy is my first love when it comes to writing and watching on TV / films and I have read some wonderful books in this genre. I’ve been so distracted by romance that I don’t even know where to begin choosing my next fantasy read.

I do want to complete the Fire Walker Series by a fellow self-published author Emma Miles – it’s brilliant and I haven’t completed all my reviews for this yet either. Raven Fire is book 4 and the final book, although there are also spin off books I’ve yet to read as well.

I do want to read Jessica Thorne’s book 2 Nightborn, but I’m loathe to start it when I know book 3 isn’t out yet. I really loved the first book and wish there were lots more to look forward to.


I’ve brought a couple of Rayne Hall’s Writer’s Craft books that fit what I’m writing at the moment and want to get stuck into them to help me focus my ideas. Writing Romance and Writing Short Stories.


That is probably too many books and I usually go off track anyway, but I’m hopeful of ticking some off the list. Have you read any of these books?

Do you have any fantasy recommendations?

Do you have your own list of books to complete reading in 2022?

I’ll be back at the weekend with reviews from the blog blitz of my new publication – Love, Loss and Life In Between.


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5 thoughts on “Reading plans for the last of 2022 #amreading #romance #fantasy #urbanfantasy

  1. I always love reading Christmassy books in the run up to the day itself. 🙂 I have quite a collection of Christmas titles I’m hoping to read before the end of the year, right after I finish some spooky books for halloween. I’ve not read any of the books you have here though I am keen on reading Jossie Jaffrey after hearing lots of people rave about her books. Happy reading! 🙂

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