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Just a quick post today to announce the publication of my fantasy short story collection in paperback.

The ebook came out in April and has received some lovely reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. I decided it was time to publish a paperback so those readers who prefer that format do not miss out on the origin stories of some of the characters from my fantasy worlds.

Readers loved Garrick in Silent Sea Chronicles and I loved writing Garrick the Protector set 10 years before the start of book 1 The Lost Sentinel.

Readers never had a chance to meet Kalesh in Visions of Zarua, so again I loved being able to introduce him to the world in The Guardian.

Finally, we have War Wounds which is an introduction to some of the characters who will feature in my new series Starlight Prophecy. I can’t wait to get working on this.

For now, here’s the all important link to Amazon Fantasy Short Stories

I’ve updated the blurb to a more succinct version too. Let me know what you think.

A collection of stories featuring characters from Visions of Zarua, ‘Silent Sea Chronicles’ and a glimpse into the new series, ‘Starlight Prophecy’.

The Guardian

With an assassin picking off wizards one-by-one, can Kalesh keep his students off the assassin’s radar long enough for his order to stop the killer?

Garrick the Protector

In a land that persecutes magic users, Mara’s mystical abilities puts her whole family in danger. Can her cousin, Garrick, get her to safety in the Turrak Mountains before the Assembly catches up with them?

War Wounds

When months of bloody battle unleash a sixth sense buried inside Calder, all he wants is to go home to his wife. But can he pick up his old life when the powers within him have been awakened?

Each story gives readers a tantalising glimpse into the fantasy worlds created by Suzanne Rogerson.

What readers are saying about Fantasy Short Stories

‘If you’re looking for some fantasy to jump into, these bite-sized stories will give you a good taste of something new – and if you’ve read these books already, these will give you some backstory of your favourite characters.’ Goodreads Reviewer

‘…a gripping little slice of what promises to be a gripping web of plots, intrigue, and mystic arts for those who venture on to read Rogerson’s full-length works.’ Goodreads Reviewer

‘If you enjoy fantasy with a touch of magic, and some really intriguing storylines, I would highly recommend this collection of short stories.’ of fantasy stories.’ Amazon reviewer

‘Entertaining! Interesting! Fast paced! Easy flow! Interesting characters! Page turner!’ Goodreads reviewer


Suzanne Rogerson – Author of epic fantasy and heart-warming romance

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