Writing achievements in 2021 #amwriting #amediting #indieauthor

2021 was a huge disappointment in many ways, not least because it just seemed to disappear without anything happening.

There were some good things that happened and my big event was being a finalist in the Book Bloggers Novel of the Year Award 2021.

The Lost Sentinel came 12th, just short of receiving a prize, but it is still a great achievement and I’m proud to be able to display this badge on my blog.

As for the rest of my writing, I did manage to meet some of the deadlines I set myself last year but I didn’t manage to publish anything. However, let’s not focus on the bad but the good. Here goes…


I drafted the first three books in my Mermaid Hotel Romance Series – Evie’s Song, A.J’s Legacy and Love in Degrees (working titles). There are still plenty of notes to work through at the editing stage, but I’m hoping to finish them in 2022. Plus plans for the next 3 books in the series are whirring away at the back of my mind.


I’ve reworked my Starlight Prophecy Series and will have two full books rather than a novella prequel and a dual timeline story. This format should be a lot less complicated for the reader and for me to write!

Short Stories

I have finished three short stories based in the worlds of my fantasy novels and have printed them in booklet form to sell at events. Early in 2022 I plan to publish them on Kindle and giveaway to my newsletter subscribers.

I have also produced a booklet of short stories but I want to write some more before I publish these on kindle.


I completed two online courses, the Curtis Brown Creative Romance course led by Jenny Colegan and Romantic Novel Association’s Fantasy Worldbuilding course led by Ruth Long. Both of these courses were great fun and I feel as though I’ve learnt a lot from them.


I think that is about it for now. All there is left to say is Happy New Year. Let’s hope 2022 is a wonderful year for everyone.

I’ll follow up with my plans for the new year very soon.

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2 thoughts on “Writing achievements in 2021 #amwriting #amediting #indieauthor

  1. Congratulations on doing so much. I’m sorry you didn’t get one of the top ten places on BBNYA. It was a really tough competition this year, but you can add ‘BBNYA Finalist’ to your book description on amazon and goodreads if you want to, all awards sound brilliant when added to book descriptions 😀 You could always try entering again with Visions of Zarua if you like, I think that title has a lot of promise as it’s a brilliant standalone, but of course it’s up to you. I can’t wait to read those short stories and I’m looking forward to your romance series, I’m sure it’s going to be brilliant! 🙂 Take care and happy new year! 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Happy new year to you too!
      I must get around to adding ‘BBNYA finalist’ to my book desc – thanks for the reminder. I think I will enter Visions this year. It’s always nice to have something going on. I will have to get in touch with you when the short stories are coming out.

      Liked by 1 person

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