The Sixth Fire – Children of Sinai II by Clarke Nixon #bookreview #fiction

Brilliant sequel!


Hope Meadows is now a thriving community of survivors, following the world-changing revelations made by The Fathers. They live and work together to follow the guidelines set down for a kinder, more tolerant future, and their number is growing every day.

A Ute medicine woman inherits the double-edged gift of visions of her own, and, following their confusing messages, she leads her diminished group to Hope Meadows. It becomes clear that an ancestor’s prophecy, and those of the old tribes, is to become a reality… but they come with one final warning for mankind. Their ancestors, and those of the Hope Meadows founders, are inextricably linked, and their communities must now work together to preserve the world for which they have fought.

But old enemies are gradually building their plans against them, and all too soon they realise that the solution could prove as deadly as the threat.

My Review

I loved the start of the second book where we meet and follow some new characters and see events that happened in book 1 through their eyes and the awful impact it had on their lives. I loved Rose and Joe, but I think the star of the whole book for me was Nita the medicine woman who plays a huge part in the unfolding story of the survivors. I loved her scenes with Doron too.

It was also great to be back at Hope Meadows to see how the characters are coping with the realities of their new lives. I loved meeting up with the twins again and seeing how their powers are being honed for the good of the growing community of survivors. There are plenty of shocks and surprises in book two and plenty of new revelations. It was an entertaining read.

I have to say I was sad to finish The Sixth Fire. There is plenty of scope for further books in the series, so I really hope the authors are working on a sequel right now!

I was given a ARC copy. This review is an honest reflection of my thoughts on what is a very different and entertaining series.

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Link to review of Book 1 Children of Sinai


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