Summer Kisses at Mermaids Point By Sarah Bennett #romance #bookreview

My first Sarah Bennett read and I’m hooked!

Book Blurb

Laurie Morgan runs a café in the small seaside community of Mermaids Point, named after the beauties rumoured to live in the waters a few miles off the top of the point. When a hazy image is posted online of what appears to be a mermaid, the café and the village are soon full to bursting with curious sightseers.

The most eye-catching of the new arrivals is handsome author, Jake Smith, who has rented a cottage for the summer while he works on his new book. Or so he says. In fact, he is a journalist, burned out and disillusioned with life, whose editor has sent him on a crack-pot hunt for mermaids…

Jake quickly finds himself drawn to village life, and to the gorgeous woman who runs the local café. But he soon suspects there’s trouble lurking beneath the idyllic façade, and when it looks like Laurie’s family might be involved, Jake faces a difficult choice. Pursue the truth, or protect the woman he’s beginning to fall in love with…

My Mini Review

I was hooked on this story from the first page and loved the two main characters. The location was easy to imagine and Mermaid Point sounds like the kind of place I would love to visit.

There are plenty of misunderstandings and the mystery of the mermaid to keep you turning the pages, plus the all important love affair between Laurie and Jake to root for. Emotional and fun, this book had it all.

I look forward to discovering more of Sarah Bennet’s books and returning to Mermaid Point in the future.

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