Silent Sea Chronicles Trilogy out now in #Audio #Audible

The complete Silent Sea Chronicles trilogy is out now in audio. That’s over 39 hours!

“…Tolkien meets Ursula le Guin. A hidden gem that I highly recommend for all fans of classic “sword and sorcery” Audible Reviewer

I love seeing the covers all lined up looking so beautiful.

I’ve been waiting for the whisper sync of each book in the trilogy to become active before posting this promo post. Whisper sync means if you own the eBook, you can buy the audiobook for a huge discount and can switch between the two versions without losing your place. I appreciate that audiobooks can be expense, so this is a great option I have used a few times myself.

“…The unique spin on fantasy and magic is wonderful. There are several events and storylines beautifully woven together. Absolutely brilliant, I cannot wait for more.” Audible reviewer.

Another option open to you is to become an Audible subscriber. I believe you can get one or two free books within your free month trial period. You can cancel at any time, but if you find you love audiobooks and start your subscription using the link below, both myself and the narrator will be given a bonus from Audible at not extra cost to you. Check the relevant link for more information.

Audible link US

Audible link UK

Audible link DE

Audible link FR

“I love how Susan Rogerson always has you on the edge of your seat and threw out three books of more than 30 hours long it never ceases to be dull boring and the ending is so worth the wait. I loved this book and I love George Ellington’s narration…” Audible reviewer

See my audiobooks on my Audible US author page and Audible UK author page

Here’s a trailer of book 1 to give you a taste of George’s narrator style

“…oh my goodness, I must gush about this voice! George Ellington’s smooth Scottish accent gave the story a medieval highland feel that I think suited it very well…” Audible reviewer


Thanks for reading and please do get in touch. Do you enjoy audiobooks? Have you read or listened to Silent Sea Chronicles? If you’ve enjoyed them would you consider leaving reviews? I love reading reviews and picking out snippets to share with my readers. Maybe next time I’ll be using one of your quotes!

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