Part Two of the One day blog blitz The Lost Sentinel #Audiobook #fantasy

As promised here’s part two of the blog tour blitz with a few more review snippets. First though, I would like to thank everyone who has taken part and of course Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources for organising everything.

‘…the story is well told, and the characters are an interesting lot, with vivid descriptions of the people and scenery…’ Colin Garrow

‘…The narrator was very good, his changes in tone really gave the characters individuality and personality. it’s very poetic in places…’ Rosie Writes

‘…The author has done a great job at world building. It was interesting learning about Kalaya and its people…’ Bound4Escape

‘Fans of classic “sword and sorcery” will find a lot to love about Rogerson’s work. What is particularly delightful is that she manages to put a fresh spin on a classic genre. Her imaginative storytelling and creative world building combine to put a unique spin on the comfortingly familiar quest formula. I enjoyed getting lost in this immersive listening experience.’ Rev Rebecca Writes

If these review snippets have you eager to learn more you can listen to Silent Sea Chronicles book 1 and 2 on Audible UK Audible USAmazon and iTunes. And book 3 with be out very soon.

Thanks for joining me on the blog blitz, I hope you enjoy visiting the other blogs. There may be a couple more reviews coming in and if so I will share them very soon.


Suzanne Rogerson – Author of epic and heroic fantasy

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