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I wrote my first novel when I was 12, but I wasn’t brave enough to self publish until I was 38. So I was very impressed when a young author contacted me about writing a guest post for my blog. It’s great to encourage the younger generations to follow their dreams, so today I’m very pleased to welcome 13 year old author, Neveah Hor. Her debut, Love Machine, was published in February 2020.

Why I chose self publishing

Hello! I’m Neveah and I’m so honoured to be able to guest post on this blog. I’m a self-published thirteen-year-old author of my debut novel titled Love Machine. This novel is a young adult romantic fantasy. I would like to share with you on why I chose self-publishing over traditional publishing. Of course, there are many pros and cons of self-publishing so be sure to read on and explore the reasons behind my choice of publishing.
Firstly, self-publishing allows me to have the freedom to title my book and choose a cover
design. Traditional publishing does not allow you to have the freedom to choose your cover
design and your book title.
Secondly, it’s fast and convenient. Just after a few clicks, you can easily publish a book through self-publishing. Traditional publishing can take months and years. You either get a rejection letter or good news.
Thirdly, I get to market the book by myself and I enjoy connecting with my readers personally. If you traditional publish, then most of the marketing work will be done for you. It might be great news to some people but to me, I like to reach out and communicate with my readers personally. I don’t need to be a bestselling author and I don’t wish to be more superior than others. I want to be an author with a real passion for writing.
Last but not least, royalties. Self-published authors need money to feed themselves with food. I would say that royalties is not really the main point for my self-publishing choice but it’s just another benefit. Self-publishing allows you to get more royalties than if you traditionally publish.
That’s really all I have for you today.
Thanks for reading!

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Blurb – Goodreads

In this year, 2050, among the humans on the streets, there are these very few others. Others who are made in the biggest technology company, AITA (artificial intelligence and technological advancements), what humans call, the guardians. They were crossbreeds of humans and animals which had the highest Intelligent Quotient (IQ)they were created to protect all citizens with their special abilities. However, they had one enemy. The citizens called them the poachers. They are from another company, The Royal AI. This company was the second most advanced company and they wanted all the glory of AITA. To win them over, The Royal AI had to prove themselves worthy and they resolved to hunting down the guardians to kill them all off. They have decided to start off with the head of the guardians, 7 different crossbreeds – Aurelia, Jiwon, Hye Kyo, Lena, Darren, Justin and lastly Richard. Aurelia, the chairwoman and Jiwon, the vice chairwoman. Hye Kyo and Lena, the advisors and the three males, heads of defense. Humans just did not understand one thing… These guardians they so often talk about did not want fame. They wanted something else… 


Thanks to Neveah Hor and I wish her lots of success with Love Machine and all her future books.

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