Silent Sea Chronicles Publication week wrap up #newrelease #fantasy #boxset

It’s been a week since I released the box set of my Silent Sea Chronicles trilogy. A week of watching the public snap it up at the bargain price of 99p. I’ve sold 241 copies in just 7 days so I’m really pleased with that number and hopefully these sales will lead to some reviews.

I think I would need to sell that many a day to get anywhere in the Amazon rankings, but it’s still amazing and it has kept me going while I struggle through a bad cold that’s completely wiped me out.

The sale runs until tomorrow, so if you haven’t picked it up you’ll have to be quick. Amazon link.


Tei has magic in a world where people like her are persecuted and forced into exile. Whilst fleeing their home, her father is attacked and his deathbed confession reveals a dangerous secret that will change her life forever.

Tei’s homeland, the magical island of Kalaya, is dying and without a Sentinel to restore the magic, it’s only a matter of time before all life is wiped out.

She must join the exiles in the search for the lost Sentinel, but they are not the only ones after the missing guardian. Sinister Masked Riders are on their trail and time is running out.

Tei must risk everything she loves to save Kalaya, but is she ready to make that sacrifice?

1396 pages of magic, adventure and intrigue.

This epic fantasy box set contains:
The Lost Sentinel – Book 1
The Sentinel’s Reign – Book 2
The Sentinel’s Alliance – Book 3

ssc box set covers

I wanted to thank all the wonderful bloggers who have been helping share the news over the last week and whose posts I know have led to sales.  I thought it would be great to share links to their posts and maybe you can find some new bloggers and reviewers to follow.

Also a quick thanks to those who have been sharing the tweets about the release. I appreciate each and every bit of help from you all.

Here’s the posts I’m excited to highlight, many of which have links to their reviews of my books.

The Strawberry Post

‘Today there is a special announcement on my blog, an author interview and a bit of a promo post (which I’m volunteering to do), about a book series I’m already excitedly reading and would love to share with everyone.  The Silent Sea Chronicles is a trilogy of fantasy books from author Suzanne Rogerson.  I’ve so far read the first two books in the series and they have been amazing (links to my reviews below) and I’m sure the third book will be equally brilliant wrapping up what is an amazing, emotional and epic fantasy tale…’

Bound to writing

‘Happy Release Day to the Silent Sea Chronicles Box set by Suzanne Rogerson! It’s with a great honor, that I’m able to share with everyone the completed fantasy box set…’

A line from a book

‘Good new everybody! Suzanne Rogerson’s Silent Sea Chronicles is now a 3 book boxed set. I have had the privilege so far of reading and reviewing the first 2 books. “The Lost Sentinel” and .“The Sentinel’s Reign” (click links for my reviews). I’m looking forward to reading the third book very soon.’

Maxine’s Obsessions

A wonderful fantasy, full of magic, set in a beautiful world. My review for book one, The Lost Sentinel, can be found HERE.

Jessica Belmont

Promo with links to all reviews.

Quote taken from review of book 3 – ‘I love this series, and I’m sad to see it end. I took longer to read this one, because I wasn’t ready to leave this world or these characters. I love Suzanne Rogerson’s writing. I can’t wait to read more from her. I highly recommend this series! You won’t want to miss it!’


‘I am delighted to let you know that SILENT SEA CHRONICLES BOX SET by Suzanne Rogerson is NOW available for purchase at an incredible introductory price of only 99p worldwide on Amazon kindle for I whole week. This is an awesome bargain!!!!!!’ (previously reviewed all three books.)

Yes more Blogs

Quote from book 3 review – ‘WOW!! Unbelievable. Amazing. Brilliant. Wonderful. Beautiful. Just a few words to describe not just this book but the whole trilogy has been an undeniably amazing read. I read all three books one after the other. I usually have a break between trilogy books but I couldn’t put these books down…’

Odd Socks and Lollipops

‘…Three amazing books filled with magic for 99p! I loved reading this trilogy and I would definitely recommend for fantasy fans…’

Just Books

Review from book 1 – ‘I loved this character-based fantasy…Suzanne Rogerson has created a wonderful world, and thankfully I was able to dive straight into the second book of the series.’

Kim’s Process

Previously reviewed book 1 – ‘The detail in the writing was also strong and descriptive.  I found myself in tears over the death of a character that was never even introduced just because the funeral was so emotional… a book I would highly recommend to other writers who are struggling with their descriptions.’

Mai’s Musings

‘I have exciting news for those of you who haven’t picked up your copies of the Silent Seas Chronicles by Suzanne Rogerson! The box set containing all three books is released today, and for a limited time will be at the amazing price of 99p/99c. Honestly, this offer is just too good to miss.’ (reviewed the trilogy)

KT Robson

‘I am SUPER excited to be helping spread the word of this fantastic offer – The wonderful Silent Seas Chronicles series by Suzanne Rogerson is available to purchase together as a box set for the very first time – And for this week only, you can grab all 3 books for only 99p/99c!’

A book. A thought

‘…I wanted to share this GREAT NEWS with you! Today, October 4th, is the release-day of the Silent Sea Chronicles Box Set and as I LOVED this trilogy, I think it is the perfect chance to you to give it a chance, so I really wanted to share this with you ❤️’


(Previously reviewed the trilogy.) – ‘This is an amazing series and you need to get yourself a copy!!’


Don’t forget the 99p worldwide price is only on for another day. The price goes up to £6.99 tomorrow. Amazon link.

Silent Sea Chronicles Box Set complete display



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  1. Wow, that’s amazing! I hope sales for all your books continues to go that well and even better, especially with that Czech release also out there for visions of Zarua 😀 and thank you for letting me take part in your box set launch! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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