Silent Sea Chronicles Box Set Release & Author Interview!

I’ve been meaning to share my interview on The Strawberry Post, which went out last week to celebrate the release of my trilogy box set. Pop over and see the interview where I talk about characters, inspiration and what’s next.

The Strawberry Post

Today there is a special announcement on my blog, an author interview and a bit of a promo post (which I’m volunteering to do), about a book series I’m already excitedly reading and would love to share with everyone.  The Silent Sea Chronicles is a trilogy of fantasy books from author Suzanne Rogerson.  I’ve so far read the first two books in the series and they have been amazing (links to my reviews below) and I’m sure the third book will be equally brilliant wrapping up what is an amazing, emotional and epic fantasy tale.  Today is a special day though as now you can own the entire box set of the Silent Sea Chronicles trilogy, all three books (that’s The Lost Sentinel, The Sentinel’s Reign, and The Sentinel’s Alliance) all on Kindle for just UK £0.99 US $0.99 (and the same low price on amazon Worldwide!).  This offer…

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