#Booksale Over 130 fantasy books discounted to 99p #fantasy #epicfantasy #swordandsorcery

It’s that time again for self published fantasy blog off authors, past and present, to discount their books to 99p / 99c.


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Go to Emerald Dodge’s website where you’ll find links to over 130 fantasy books that are on sale. From sword and sorcery, epic, dark fantasy and more you can pick up some great bargains.

Right now my book Visions of Zarua is on sale 99p worldwide. And if you buy the ebook, you can pick up the audiobook for a huge discount!

Visions of Zarua - smaller adjusted audiobook cover

A dual timeline fantasy following two wizards 350 years apart as they battle to stop the evil of Zarua’s past from being unleashed.
Steeped in mystery, with plenty of magic and murder along the way, Visions of Zarua is a fast-paced fantasy whodunit.

Don’t delay, many of these books are only discounted for a few days!


Suzanne Rogerson – Author of epic and heroic fantasy

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5 thoughts on “#Booksale Over 130 fantasy books discounted to 99p #fantasy #epicfantasy #swordandsorcery

      • Thanks Maxine, that’s great though I’m sorry the price wasn’t fully discounted.
        I lowered the price worldwide, but KDP calculates the figures for me and takes it from the US 99c. I have no idea how they work out the exchange rate. It’s another one of those things that I need to research.
        I hope you enjoy Visions of Zarua!

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    • Hi Maxine. Yes all the books are supposed to be discounted for the next 5 days in US, UK and other countries authors choose to discount it. If people are running kindle countdown deals they can’t discount it in Australia and other countries, which I’ve always thought is very unfair. That’s why I’ve lowered the price manually so no one has to miss out.

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