Silent Sea Chronicles blog tour wrap up #fantasy #bookreviews #bookbloggers

The 10 day blog tour is over and it’s been amazing. I’ve been honoured to have so many reviewers post reviews of The Lost Sentinel and The Sentinel’s Reign on their blogs. I’ve tried to respond to each reviewer personally, but if I’ve accidentally missed you, I would like to thank you now for being involved. It means a lot to see people have enjoyed my books, well it means more than a lot…

Here’s a reminder of the blog schedule;

Silent Sea Chronicles Full Tour Banner

A very big thank you goes to Rachel, she’s done a brilliant job hosting the tour and organising everything.  If you want a blog tour, I highly recommend you contact Rachel’s Random Resources.

I’ve shared links to the reviews for the last 10 day, so I won’t clutter this post with links, even though I want to keep sharing the brilliant reviews with you. Instead, let’s take a quick look at the stats;

The Lost Sentinel now has 38 ratings on Goodreads and 28 reviews with an average of  4.08 stars.

The Sentinel’s Reign has 19 ratings on Goodreads and 14 reviews with an average of 4.11 stars.

My overall ratings on Goodreads for all 4 books is 106 with an average of 4.16 stars. I’m so happy to have reached triple figures and hope to see this number continue to grow.

Amazon reviews are still low for both books, which is a shames as I want to run a BookBub ad and I think they look at Amazon rather than Goodreads ratings. I shall go for it anyway and keep my fingers crossed I am lucky this time.

If you have read the books would you consider writing a quick review? 

The Lost Sentinel      The Sentinel’s Reign       The Sentinel’s Alliance


Don’t forget the big upcoming event on 6th July – the release of The Sentinel’s Alliance!

Many of the above reviewers have agreed to read The Sentinel’s Alliance – book 3, so I hope you can come back on to read what they thought of the conclusion to the trilogy. Look forward to seeing you then.

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