Happy Book Birthday to The Sentinel’s Reign – 1 today! #fantasy #99p #99c

What a wonderful day to celebrate the book birthday of book 2 in my Silent Sea Chronicles trilogy – The Sentinel’s Reign.


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The year has flown by whilst I’ve been writing the third installment and preparing for publication of The Sentinel’s Alliance next week. It’s amazing to think that a little idea of a character lost in the woods and found by two strangers has become a 1000+ page trilogy = 380k+ words.

I have to admit I’m feeling a little lost myself now the trilogy is complete. I have lots of plans for future books within the Silent Sea Chronicles and other books to complete, but it’s always a struggle to let go and settle into something new.

I’ve been busy all week sharing reviews for books 1 and 2 in the series, so this is just a quick post to celebrate the birthday and remind you that all the books in the trilogy are only 99p at the moment.

Keep an eye out for more reviews coming in during the last two days of the blog tour. I’ll just share the one quick quote from a recent review on Goodreads by Jessica Belmont as it deals with something every writer of trilogies must fear…

‘What I love about The Sentinel’s Reign is that it doesn’t struggle from “middle book syndrome.” The plot is great, the characters are developing, and this doesn’t feel like just a bridge from book one to book three!’

The books have picked up so many wonderful quotes during the blog tour and I would love to share them all. Why not check them out on Goodreads and Amazon on the links below.

Finally, I’ll end with a plea. According to an increasing number of reviewers this trilogy is worth reading. If you are considering it and would like to help out a struggling author then please buy it now. I would love to make an impact when book 3 comes out on 6th July. And of course, if you have read it, those reviews you share on Amazon and Goodreads are like gold dust. I want to run a Bookbub ads soon and the more reviews I have the better my chances of being accepted.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend.

The Lost Sentinel        The Sentinel’s Reign        The Sentinel’s Alliance.


The whole series can be yours for only £2.97, less than the cost of one book at its usual price!


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