Day 8 – Silent Sea Chronicles blog tour #fantasy The Sentinel’s Reign book 2

Today the reviews are all focused on Book 2 in the Silent Sea Chronicles – The Sentinel’s Reign. I’m really pleased to share some great reviewer quotes with you. Please click on the link to read the full reviews.


K T Robson – ‘What a fantastic continuation from book one, The Lost Sentinel! All the in depth world building, along with all the lovable (And not so lovable) characters have been carried across seamlessly, allowing us to get to know all our favourites even better than before. Not to mention all the descriptions of the lands, easily adding Kalaya into my list of fictional places I would love to visit – Just preferably when there’s not a war waging!’

Terror Tree – ‘All I can say is what a read and even after finishing this book, I am still thinking of the rollercoaster of a story…

After reading The Lost Sentinel, I was invested in these character’s lives and as before, beware of heartbreak. There were times that I was in mourning and then as I was continuing the story, I wanted to fist pump the air. This story will flip your emotions and as the story intensifies with the pending danger, I could not put this book down. As I finished this story I felt physically drained as if I had been there following them all.’

Splashes Into Books – ‘The story continues with many of the same characters and some new ones. I’m going to try not to give any spoilers away, so won’t discuss exactly what happens, enough to say this story continues with several different threads skilfully interwoven to create a developing, complex picture involving threats of war, magic, strangers, dangers, death and romance… It is an intriguing action packed magical adventure and a great addition to the series!’


The whole series can be yours for only £2.97! Can you resist it at this bargain price?

Amazon purchase links;

The Lost Sentinel      The Sentinel’s Reign       The Sentinel’s Alliance.




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