Day 7 of Silent Sea Chronicles Blog tour #fantasy #bookreview organised by @rararesources

Here comes some reviews today for The Sentinel’s Reign…

Seans book reviews – ‘This series is great and I just love to see what has happened from the first book to the second you see the growth of Tei who is the star of the show.’

Radzy writes – ‘It’s obvious the author has carefully plotted this series and put in many hours, to the point where I’m stunned this series hasn’t exploded to a mainstream audience yet. It’ll happen, and if you’re on the fence as to whether you should keep going with the series, the answer is yes. Continue, and then shout at all your fantasy loving friends to check this out as well.  …I should say somewhere however, that you don’t need to be an avid fantasy reader to enjoy this. It’s magical realism, and the undercurrent of fantasy is subtle enough, that even your fans of general epics will get a real kick out of this. It’s genre’d right, and is absolutely fantasy, but it’s not High, nor Paranormal.’


And a mid-read review on The Lost Sentinel

Writing with wolves – ‘…the world-building in this book feels super unique to me… I love that we get to experience three different parts of this world but my favourite is of course the exiled land of Kalaya; I love the tunnel system & the feeling of magic that flows out of the book during the scenes set in that part of the world. The island that Farrell lives on also intrigues me though & I’m excited to learn more about it as the story progresses.’


I just want to say a quick thank you to all the reviewers who have taken the time to read and review my books. I really appreciate your help reaching more readers. And of course a special thank you to Rachel for organising everything.

There are still three days to go on the tour so I hope you can join me for more quotes. I will just ask if these reviews have caught your interest, please consider picking up the trilogy for only £2.97. And of course, I’d love to see your reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

Thanks very much.

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Each book in the series is only 99p for the duration of the tour.

The Lost Sentinel


The Sentinel’s Reign

The Sentinel's Reign book cover

The Sentinel’s Alliance.

The Sentinel's Alliance ebook complete

Hopefully, I’ll be back tomorrow with some more reviews to share.

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