Day 6 recap Silent Sea Chronicles #blogtour #fantasy #bookreview

This is a quick recap of the reviews that came in on Day 6 of the blog tour.

A couple of new reviews for The Lost Sentinel

Mai’s Musings – ‘The Lost Sentinel is a rich storyline told from various viewpoints, and as I tried to work out how these would all intertwine over the course of the books, I found I was asking more and more questions, and reading faster and faster. It is the sort of book that you want to read slowly so it doesn’t end, but at the same time you can’t help but race through.’

The Treasure Within Blog – ‘Tei is a resilient character, but not a perfect person, by any means. She makes numerous mistakes and bad choices, and is forced to deal with the consequences of her actions. It’s refreshing to read a character who’s author really wasn’t afraid to supply with flaws – and it makes Tei feel much more realistic overall. In the writing world, a very focused- on fact is the necessity of providing characters with flaws – and I think Suzanne Rogerson has done a stellar job of it.’


The Sentinel’s Reign – book 2 in Silent Sea Chronicles also hit the spotlight with reviewers.

Jessica Belmont – ‘What I love about The Sentinel’s Reign is that it doesn’t struggle from “middle book syndrome.” The plot is great, the characters are developing, and this doesn’t feel like just a bridge from book one to book three!’

PageFarer Book Blog – ‘I said in my last review that Rogerson is good at writing bad guys; this is still the case but another thing to add to that is the depiction of injustice – something that always gets to me in the real world, and the unfairness of which I found was genuinely affecting me at times.’

The Treasure within – ‘A small character from the first book was picked up again in this narrative, and expanded into a more main member of the cast. She was honestly one of my favourites throughout the book – a young but powerful magic-wielder, with uncanny senses and the kindest of hearts. She stole my heart, and I hope to read more of her in the third book!’


Thanks very much to the reviewers on this tour, you’ve made this last week awesome!


There are still a few more days on the tour to go so I hope you can join me again.

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Each book in the series is only 99p for the duration of the tour.

The Lost Sentinel


The Sentinel’s Reign

The Sentinel's Reign book cover

The Sentinel’s Alliance.

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