Day 5 Silent Sea Chronicles #fantasy #blogtour #bookreview quotes

A little late, but here are the links to some great reviews The Lost Sentinel received yesterday during the 10 day blog review tour.

On the shelf reviews – ‘If you love fantasy with intricate world building and a good old fashioned quest at its core then I think this is a book you would really enjoy.’

Just Books – ‘The world building and visual descriptions were amazing, I could always see the surroundings in my mind, whether it was the barren island of Stone Haven or the wonderful home of the ‘exiles’ in the mountains.’

Bookworm for kids – ‘…it was an exciting read, and I have no doubt that fantasy fans will enjoy getting lost in this world and will look forward to reading the rest of the series.’

Silent Sea Chronicles Full Tour Banner

I’ll try to pop back later with reviews from day 6 of the tour.


Don’t forget, each book in the series is only 99p for the duration of the tour.

The Lost Sentinel


The Sentinel’s Reign

The Sentinel's Reign book cover

The Sentinel’s Alliance.

The Sentinel's Alliance ebook complete



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