Guest Post: Standalone VS. Trilogy, a Writer’s Viewpoint by Suzanne Rogerson

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As a reader with a mild obsession with buying books, I love series, but as a writer, I can understand why stretching one idea across several books isn’t a particularly easy undertaking, so I found myself wondering why Suzanne Rogerson, the author behind the standalone fantasy novel, Visions of Zarua, had decided to write a sequel to her second novel, The Lost Sentinel.

So in celebration of the release of her latest book, The Sentinel’s Reign, Suzanne stopped by to share her list of the pros and cons for each.

Standalone vsTrilogy – A writer’s viewpoint

So far, I have written and published both a standalone novel andtwo instalmentsof the Silent Sea Chronicles.At this stage in my writing journey, I thought I’d look at the differences ofwriting the two types of books and share some pros and cons for both.


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