The Sentinel’s Reign – Publication day reviews, updates and links #newrelease

The publication day has been busy with two wonderful 4 star reviews coming in already. Several bloggers have also shared excerpt and book spotlight posts.

Here is a round up of the links so far…

The first review is from Pooled Ink Reviews

The Sentinel’s Reign breathes life into an island of magic as well as enemies thirsting for its power. Adventurous and unique this fantasy only gets more captivating with every turn.

The second review of the day comes from Mim Inklings.

‘The plot is thoroughly rooted in the lovely world which Suzanne Rogerson has created. The world-building in The Sentinel’s Reign is every bit as dramatic, complex, and exquisite as in the first book. …I loved every second of The Sentinel’s Reign. It was hard to put down…’ 

Please check their reviews, they are brilliant. And both reviewers have also reviewed Book 1 – The Lost Sentinel on their blogs, with links in the above posts.


There are book spotlight posts on The Writing Process and Another World Book Blog

And two short excerpts to read on Boundtowriting and Jaye and Anita’s blog.


I am heading off to open a beautiful bottle of champagne. But please keep commenting and I will reply as quickly as I can.

publicity ebook and paperback

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