The Lost Sentinel is One today! #fantasy #epicfantasy

Happy Birthday to The Lost Sentinel – a year old today!

It has received some wonderful reviews on Goodreads and Amazon so I thought today would be a great day to share a few quotes.


Praise for The Lost Sentinel…

‘Wow, after reading this book I am emotionally drained… but in a good way.’ MPB – My Peacock Books

‘Surrounded by some wonderful characters who get under your skin almost from the start Tei sets out on a harrowing journey which is heartwarming, moving, and terrifying all at once.
…this story bowled me over, it was an absolutely outstanding epic fantasy and the kind of writing fantasy authors should be aspiring to.’ Claire – Brizzle Lass Books

‘The Lost Sentinel contains plenty of action, intrigue, and challenges throughout, making this a thrilling fantasy adventure indeed. It’s the sort of book I enjoyed reading while reclining in a comfy chair on the sunny front porch of my house. It didn’t overwhelm me with information, itty bitty details, or dull monologues, but rather it whisked me away to someplace magical, alluring, and dangerous.’ Angela – Pooled Ink Reviews

‘This is the second book of Suzanne Rogerson’s that I have read so I felt that I had some sort of idea of her writing style but wow has she raised the bar. What makes it even more exciting is that this is the first book in a trilogy so I know it is going to be one hell of an epic journey for both the characters and readers alike.’ Susan Hampson – Books from Dusk till Dawn 

‘The world building is incredible, it’s my favorite aspect of the book and I think it’s the best achieved. The descriptions are exceptional, without doubts.’ Sofia – A Book. A Thought. 

‘I love the characters in this story. From Tei, the reluctant seeker, to Garrick, the hunky hero, you get a broad range of personalities. One of my favorite things about this author is her ability to develop her characters in a way that feels natural and flows well within the story. In the same way she develops her fantasy world. There is no heavy world drawing passages but you get your knowledge of the way things work as a natural part of the story. And then you have the story itself which is full of surprising plot twists, moves at a really great pace, and draws the reader in from beginning to end. As with the author’s first book, I cannot say enough good things about this book.’ Jennifer – A line from a book.

‘Great beginning to a fantasy series, can’t wait to read the rest.’ Jaye Dawes – jenanita01


Why don’t you help me celebrate The Lost Sentinel’s birthday by checking the book out for yourself. You can download a free sample and read it for free if you are a Kindle Unlimited member.


The magical island of Kalaya is dying, along with its Sentinel. With the Kalayan people turning their back on magic, can Tei help the exiles find their new Sentinel before it’s too late?

The Assembly controls Kalaya. Originally set up to govern, they now persecute those with magic and exile them to the Turrak Mountains.
Tei, a tailor’s daughter, has always hidden her magic. When her father’s old friend visits and warns them to flee to the mountains she must leave her old life behind.

On the journey, an attack leaves her father mortally wounded. He entrusts her into the care of two exiles, Rike and Garrick, and on his deathbed makes a shocking confession.

Struggling with self-doubt, Tei joins the exiles in the search for their lost Sentinel. But mysterious Masked Riders want the Sentinel too, and time, as well as hope, is running out.

How can Tei help the Kalayan people reunite and save the magic when their ignorance threatens to destroy them all?

Follow Tei’s journey through the magical land of Kalaya and the Astral Plane.

If you love character-based fantasy, then you’ll love The Lost Sentinel – Book 1 in the Silent Sea Chronicles trilogy.


If you like what you’ve read so far, click the Universal Amazon link

And of course if you have read The Lost Sentinel, please consider leaving a review to help other readers discover my work.

Thank you in advance, and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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