WWW Wednesday Reading update #amreading #tbr

I’m been very busy working through edits over the last few weeks so my reading has been a bit slow.

I thought I’d use WWW Wednesday for a reading update and to get me focused again. You can take part too by answering these questions;

What are you currently reading, What have you just read, What will you read next and link your blog post to ‘Taking on a world of words‘ You can also see who else is taking part.

www wednesdays

What I’m currently reading

Sparrow by Michael Morpurgo


I needed something short to read and my daughter suggested this. I haven’t read any Morpurgo before, but I’m enjoying it so far. It’s based on the Joan of Arc story.

I am also reading an ARC for Jesper Schmidt – How to write fantasy book descriptions, but I don’t have the cover to display just yet. 25% in and so far, so good. I think this could really help fantasy writers.

What I’ve just read,


Here’s my review of Ninja School Mum

What I’m reading next.

Last time I took part in WWW Wednesday I had hoped to finish a couple of trilogies, but I’d forgotten about my monthly book group reads. With my lack of time I’m having to reconsider what books I can fit in. In the next month I need to read Senlin Ascends, which I’m really excited about as it was my choice for book group.


And I still hope to read book 3 Magic Borne to finish Ian Troy’s story,



In the next few days I will also be reading my own book The Sentinel’s Reign (book 2 of Silent Sea Chronicles) prior to its publication at the end of June. Cover reveal and pre-order links coming very soon!

I think that is plenty of books to be getting on with. What are you reading?

16 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday Reading update #amreading #tbr

  1. I like the cover of Senlin Ascends. Hope you enjoy your reading :). I’m reading Thunderhead (Scythe 2) – couldn’t resist as Scythe was so good lol. The only other book cover I’ve seen of a figure in red robes, other than on Visions of Zarua :). Btw would you like an interview on my blog at some point or a guest post?. I’m a bit slow on sorting myself out but thought it would be a good way to promote Visions being translated plus your new book when you’ve finished it? Can do two posts too or blog tour if you’re doing one for your new book…hope I made sense, am typing on phone

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    • I really want to read Scythe after your review of it!
      And yes, I would love to feature on your blog. I still love your review of Visions of Zarua, so maybe something around that. I won’t be doing a proper blog tour, but I would love the new book to feature on your blog as well. Thanks for the offer!

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