News and writing update #amwriting #nanowrimo

A short update to let you know I’m still around…

Things have been quiet on my blog recently as I try to edit book 2 (The Sentinel’s Reign) and draft book 3 (The Sentinel’s Alliance) during Nanowrimo 2017. It’s been difficult to spread my time between the two projects, along with having a new boiler fitted, a broken phone to sort and now a bout of RSI. Hopefully, that’s it for the bad luck and my wrist sorts itself out soon.

I’m on track to meet the 50k word count, though now I’m starting to panic about where to take the story. Writing without a plan is not easy and although I like the freedom of writing what comes into my head, it’s so hard to shut off my internal editor and just let it all flow without going back and tinkering with it. Much like that last sentence!

I’m very behind on sharing my book reviews, but I have a couple of reviews planned shortly.

The news I’m really excited to share is that I finally have a cover for The Sentinel’s Reign! I’ll do a cover reveal at a later date, but right now I need to focus on finishing the edit/read through so I can pass it to my beta readers. I really hope to publish book 2 early next year, but with Christmas creeping ever closer…

In other news, Visions of Zarua is 2 years old next week. I’ll be running a Goodreads paperback giveaway and an ebook giveaway on the blog, more news of those will follow.

How are you all coping with the demands of Nanowrimo? Have you any tricks to share? And does anyone have any advice for RSI?

Have a great weekend everyone.

7 thoughts on “News and writing update #amwriting #nanowrimo

  1. That does sound like you’re doing a lot at once! Good luck!
    Looking forward to the cover reveal! I’m still only about half way through book 1, haven’t had a lot of reading time lately, but I’m enjoying it so I’m already looking forward to book 2 😀
    Congrats on the 2 years coming up!

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  2. Congratulations on all you are doing and happy early birthday to Visions of Zarua :). I’m not doing nanowrimo this year, but I have been writing my story and excited by how fun it is at the moment 🙂 Had a bit of RSI before, unfortunately my advice would be to easy off the actions that trigger your RSI, like typing a different way, not touch typing if you do or trying different fingers, or something like that, only for a short while. I once took a day off when having twinges in my hand, didn’t repeat the same actions in my wrists (actually spent the day visiting a museum-holiday time) and the RSI had gone the next day. Not sure if that would help, that and plenty of rest. Hope your wrist gets better and congrats again 🙂

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  3. Hey, Suzanne, well done with all the progress you’re making with book 2. With regards to dealing with RSI, I developed it early last year in my right wrist & hand, and by the summer it was really bad. In the end I did a lot of online searches to find a solution, and this is what worked for me:

    1. I had to alter how I was typing by having my keyboard further away from me so my arms remained as straight as possible, rather than bent at the elbows; 2. when writing with a pen I had to stop pressing down on the paper as I hard as I usually did; 3. I also took more frequent, short breaks away from my keyboard instead of doing long, continuous writing sessions that went on for hours; 4. and most helpful of all I had to do an arm stretching exercise that quickly eliminated the painful symptoms.

    As silly as it might sound the exercise was to stretch my arm out to my right side with the palm of my hand facing forward, and then twist my head left so I was looking in the opposite direction of my arm. I would do this for a couple of minutes before I began typing, and each time I stopped typing to take a break. I haven’t had any issue with RSI ever since then so it definitely worked for me.

    Give these things a try and see if it helps with your symptoms.

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