#Mondayblogs Call for help & advice with KDP Countdown Deals #indieauthors

I would like to ask for help and advice for my upcoming KDP countdown deal.

My second attempt at the countdown deals starts in the UK and US on 9th December – if I have set it up correctly this time!

Visions of Zarua will be 99p on 9th & £1.99 on 10th December.

It was a bit of a non event last time as I didn’t know what I was doing. Now I’m hoping to generate some interest via Amazon’s sponsored products & product display Ads. I will also have a Goodreads Ad and Facebook Ad running for those few deal days.

Are there any other free or cheap promo sites that will help me? I really want to draw some attention to the sale and make it worthwhile this time around.

Help from the blogging community would be greatly appreciated. If you could reblog and retweet my posts on those days I would be very grateful.

I also want to set up a Rafflecopter paperback giveaway in the UK before Christmas. I haven’t run one before, are there any tips anyone can offer?

Thanks in advance.

6 thoughts on “#Mondayblogs Call for help & advice with KDP Countdown Deals #indieauthors

  1. I’ll do my best with sharing your posts. I’m about to set up a rafflecopter giveaway for tomorrow myself. It’s one that’ll run until January 1st but if I can set it up it’s working I’ll let you know. All I know from asking on twitter has been that it’s not worth it to pay for the giveaway, just use the free version. Fingers crossed I’ll get it working tonight 🙂

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  2. I will be glad to help share, and if I miss the stuff (because I am not on the internet lately as much as I would like to) do feel free to nudge me or just drop links anywhere on my blog.
    As for generating interest, I always found it, especially for Fantasy genre and a good book such as yours, that specific groups where fans hang and forums and such are much better at generating interest than adds. None ever disputed my theory (or tried it!) so I would be very interested to know the yield of your campaign!

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    • Thanks very much.
      I will have a look into fantasy groups etc. I have joined a few on facebook but have only really liked other people’s posts and not contributed myself.
      I will no doubt blog about how successful this countdown deal is, and hopefully be able to say what’s worked and what hasn’t.


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