A brilliant #bookreview of my #fantasy novel Visions of Zarua by @mummyworgan

Happy weekend everyone, at least it has been for me. I’m still on a high from my book signing event last night, and then I woke up to read this excellent review this morning.

Review extract…

Visions of Zarua is set in the magical world of Paltria, where there are Wizards, mythical creatures and enemies around every corner. This is a dark fantasy novel, that I loved from the very first page. It has to be said that fantasy novels are not my usual genre, but I was surprised by just how much this book spoke to me. Even though it is set in the mythical world of Paltria, and the ancient and abandoned city of Zarua, the book echoed the emotions of everyday, normal life. This is why I connected so much with this book and the characters within it…

Click to continue reading on Jo’s blog Brew and Books Review. It’s a great review – I’m not biased, honest!

I’ll post a bit more about the book signing and any tips I’ve gained from the experience in another post.

Bye for now.

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