Help, I’m going to a self-publishing summit! Any advice? #indieauthor

I’ve finally decided to put myself out there and attend a self-publishing summit next week. I haven’t been to any network events before and I hope this will be the start of me gaining confidence as a writer.

It’s easy enough to sit at home and think you’re a writer (I still cringe when I state that’s my occupation), but to actually physically go out into the world is a gigantic step for me. I don’t know how much I’ll get out of the day, but I’m nervously excited about the opportunity and looking forward to meeting some like-minded authors.

I have my notebook and pens ready, business cards to hand and I plan to have some book blurbs prepared to share. The trouble is I’m the world’s worst at selling myself. Whenever I hear the words ‘So what’s your book about?’ my brain freezes and my tongue disappears inside my head.

Have you been in this position? Do you have any tips for being more confidant, or advice to make the most of this networking day?

I look forward to sharing my experience with you and hopefully I’ll have lots of new ideas to put into practise for my current self published novel, and the book I hope to publish early next year.

15 thoughts on “Help, I’m going to a self-publishing summit! Any advice? #indieauthor

  1. Yes, be brave! Well done for taking the plunge. My only tip is to practice, practice and practice some more on saying your logline aloud. To anyone that will listen and hopefully you won’t freeze at the all important moment of pitching your book to potential readers. Good luck.

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  2. Congratulations for taking the plunge, Suzanne. I went to a self-publishing workshop when I had my first book ready to set free upon the world. It was so helpful, so take lots of notes. I found listening to the questions that other writers asked very enlightening, too. After three years of writing and publishing I now have a good back list. The second year supplemented my income from my ‘day job’ but this year’s royalties from Amazon has enabled me to spend my days filing chapters instead of filing nails and I closed my salon earlier this year. I’m like you and find it difficult to say I’m a writer when asked if I’m working. But I find it even more difficult to describe myself as an author, maybe it’s just a confidence thing and will build up over time. All the best to you at the summit, Suzanne.

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  3. Good luck, Suzanne – I’m sure it will go really well 😀 The only advice I would offer is to be confident, and make sure you have lots of business cards and/or promo stuff to hand out. Looking forward to hearing how it goes – like you, I’m looking at putting myself ‘out there’ in the coming months – yikes!

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