Are book trailers worth it? Join in the poll #WWWblogs #indieauthors #writers

I have been making my way through my list of marketing ideas, which includes giveaways, blog tours and a book trailer.

I worked out a pitch, found a trailer format I liked on fiver, but then I chickened out. I started to question if it’s worth the £50+ price tag. Will I reach more readers? Is the £50 better spent elsewhere?

Before I take the plunge, I thought I’d open the question up to you guys. Please join in the poll.

I’ll post more about my thoughts on book trailers in a few days, along with the results of the poll.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear your thoughts and advice on the matter, please get in touch.

16 thoughts on “Are book trailers worth it? Join in the poll #WWWblogs #indieauthors #writers

  1. I’d say it’s worth looking into because if you get a good trailer, it will get people interested, but at the same time, I think more people find new books through social media.

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  2. I use the Animoto app (which is also online) for my trailers and I love it. I think it’s $29 for the year and I can make as many as I want. I also use it to make mini-movies of my kid’s events so it’s not exactly an expense that solely for business. I have the trailer for my upcoming release on my website, and so far, it’s prompted a few preorders so I know it works. Definitely something to look into instead of Fiverr. Because I know how to edit film, I haven’t hired anyone to do what I can do on my own. I also do teasers using the Ripl app and it’s perfect for those 30 second Twitter or Instagram sneak peeks or teasers.

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      • Animoto has ready made themes you can use and if you use the online version, you have access to some (not a whole lot) stock photos and videos that you can use for your trailer. I usually just throw them in and preview and then tweak them some more. I used to do it all on my mac using Camtasia but it was just too taxing for my old Macbook, so I turned to the ready made apps like Animoto and Ripl. It definitely helps with truncating your story into an elevator speech of sorts when you add the text in between the images 🙂 Good luck on your book trailers!

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  3. I’ve heard different things about book trailers – I think because not so many people are doing them at the moment, you might still get some impact. But I know what it’s like – £50 could go a long way towards advertising as well. I’ll be interested to see what the poll says, too. (and I’m going to check out Animoto)

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  4. I made my own trailer on Moviemaker, a simple q&a with my niece which had very little to do with the book! I don’t think I’d bother again, it was more for myself really & I don’t think it helped to sell any books.

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