Is this the end of my #Indieauthor dreams? #indiepub

I had hoped to post a very positive update today, but Amazon’s new ruling on reviews has left me feeling depressed and concerned for the future of Indie Authors like myself.

I’ve not been affected as yet, but many of my reviews are from book reviewers who’ve kindly given their honest opinions in exchange for a free copy. Those reviews mean everything to me, to know that all the hard work and dedication have been worth it. Will these reviews disappear overnight?

And what about winning copies? I try to review the books I’ve won, and have plans to run my own giveaways to celebrate Visions of Zarua’s 1st anniversary in November. If these do result in any reviews in the future, will they be allowed? How far will Amazon take this new rule? And aren’t they going to damage their own profits if they push Indies out?

Yesterday I read a post that Amazon were celebrating Indie Authors throughout October. Today I read they are stripping them of their reviews. It’s a mad world.

I’ll still be running my giveaways starting with a Goodreads one launching next week. And I want to try out Rafflecopter too – I have six copies to give to loving homes!


I suppose the Amazon thing is hitting my harder today as I’m about to meet my lovely beta reader and hand her the finished draft of my next book, The Lost Sentinel. I’m at the stage where I should be thinking of covers and blurbs, not if I should even bother.

I want to be excited at the prospect of another self publishing venture, but this news has taken the shine off it all. How can indies get discovered without reviews? Will this change the world of blog tours and ARC’s?

Is it time to start the process of looking for an agent or publisher?

I’ll stop moaning now and hand it over to you. Am I panicking about nothing? Do you have any advice or news to share?

16 thoughts on “Is this the end of my #Indieauthor dreams? #indiepub

  1. I think you’re probably panicking needlessly. Amazon has been tightening its review process to curb abuses and, in doing so, has impacted honest reviews as well as the bad ones. Overall, though, their policy on ARCs have not changed. You can still offer an ARC to readers, but you can’t “require” a review or ask for only positive reviews.

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