#Fridaybookshare – Spark and Carousel Joanne Hall #fantasy

Set up by Shelly Wilson Anyone can have a go – all you need to do is answer the following questions based on a book you enjoyed reading and use the hashtag #FridayBookShare. Be sure to like, comment, and share other participants posts.


First line of the book.

Recruit fans by adding the book blurb.

Introduce the main character using only three words.

Delightful design (add the cover image of the book).

Audience appeal (who would enjoy reading this book?)

Your favourite line/scene.


Spark and Carousel by Joanne Hall

First line

Liathan ran, bare feet skidding on damp earth. The russet grass slashed his ankles as he crested the last ridge and slowed, hands on his knees, sucking air. The egg-shaped stone weighed down his pocket, and he took it out for another look. He turned it round in his hands, admiring the mottled markings. It was the kind of object the Philosopher used to find interesting.

Recruit fans (Blurb)

Spark is a wanted man. On the run after causing the death of his mentor and wild with untamed magic, he arrives in Cape Carey where his latent talents make him the target of rival gangs. It is there that Carousel, a wire-walker and thief, takes him under her wing to guide him through the intrigues of the criminal underworld.

But when Spark’s magic cracks the world and releases demons from the hells beneath, two mages of his former order make it their mission to prevent his magic from spiralling out of control. They must find him before he falls into the clutches of those who would exploit his raw talent for their own gain, forcing Spark to confront a power he is not ready to handle.

Meanwhile, a wealthy debutante learning magic in secret has her own plans for Spark and Carousel. But the sudden arrival of the mages throws her carefully laid plans into disarray and she unleashes a terrible evil onto the streets of the unsuspecting city—an evil only Spark’s magic can control.

Everyone wants a piece of Spark, but all Spark wants is to rid himself of his talents forever.

Introduce main character

Spark – Untrained, powerful, reluctant mage

Delightful design

untitled (5)

Audience appeal

Fans of fantasy

Your favourite line

Allorise sat back on her heels, arms extended in a gesture of embrace, and sucked in a deep breath. The swirling spirit struggled, spectral fingers clawing at the drapes. But blood called to blood, and would not be denied. Slowly her father’s spirit was drawn towards her, until she reached out and caught it between her palms., crushing it into a bright ruby spark. She swallowed the spark, feeling heat travel down her throat and spread through her core.

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