#Tuesdaybookblog – Visions of Zarua is available via #KindleUnlimited #fantasy

When I first published Visions of Zarua I wanted to reach as many book markets as possible. So I published with Kindle and Smashwords (which covers markets like Kobo, iTunes, Nook).

However in the months since publication I’ve only sold half a dozen copies through these platforms via Smashwords. Even running various sales, and a half price sale throughout July has not helped. Kindle has produced much better results so I decided to unpublish with Smashwords and try out KDP Select.

Amazon UK Kindle Unlimited

It’s just gone live this morning, so I’ll give a progress report in a few months on how this is working. I’m really hoping it will boost sales and that having access to extra marketing opportunities will allow me to step back from my own efforts and finish my next book – I’m miles behind schedule for publishing this year!

I’m also looking at the option of an audiobook. It would be a very expensive audiobook to buy, but not for readers who are monthly subscribers to audible etc. I’ll update on this as I go along.

Maybe these new platforms will lead to bigger and better things. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

In other news;

Visions of Zarua is still in the running for Mark Lawrence’s #SPFBO 2 (self published fantasy blog off). Some of the reviewers have already whittled down their list to a few, so I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in my group of 30 authors.

As September draws closer, I’m eagerly awaiting the results of the Creative National Writing competition. Visions of Zarua has been shortlisted and several prizes will be awarded. I have everything crossed hoping it gets placed amongst the winners.


I think I have just about exhausted all the marketing opportunities for indie authors – goodreads giveaways, blog tours etc. As much as I want to let go and focus on other projects, it’s hard to see Visions of Zarua disappear amongst the millions of other books available. Does anyone out there have any other marketing suggestions? Are there any avenues I’ve missed?

5 thoughts on “#Tuesdaybookblog – Visions of Zarua is available via #KindleUnlimited #fantasy

  1. Alas, I wish I did have suggestions! I’ve come to think that the best (only?) way to market is to build a following one by one, getting a second and third book out to consolidate it and hopefully attract new readers. It takes a long time but from what I’ve seen, it seems to be how many writers do it. Your tenacity with Zarua is admirable and deserves some reward!

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