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I’m really pleased to share my interview over on Dan’s blog. Plus there’s links to my goodreads giveaway which ends soon.


One of the many privileges of this job is I get to showcase terrific author who have become friends. Today’s another one of those days. Meet Suzanne Rogerson, author of the new novel Visions …

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#Bookreview The Blue Ridge Project – Neil Rochford #RBRT #crime #tuesdaybookblog

The Blue Ridge Project by Neil Rochford

Genre – Crime thriller with a dash of Sci-fi

Pages – 262

I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. Reviewing as part of Rosie Amber’s book review team #RBRT.



Detective Andrea Nox is investigating a bizarre and violent murder-suicide with far-reaching consequences, both for Beacon City and the people who run it. But all she has to show for her efforts so far are nonsensical clues and dead ends.

Then, there’s another murder.

Journalist Robert Duncan is visiting home after a personal crisis when the unthinkable happens and he unearths long-kept secrets about his family and his place within it. Before long, he is going back over an old story that implicates powerful people in horrible crimes, drawing him deeper into a dangerous and widespread conspiracy he wishes he had no part in.

Frank Mortimer, disturbed son of a wealthy and influential family, has no interest in conspiracies. He only wants to take part in an experimental program that promises to make him ‘better.’ However, with the shadowy and powerful group known only as The Project pulling the strings behind the program, what he is getting better at could prove disastrous for everyone else, as a dangerous power is being unlocked inside him…

Their paths will converge in murder, intrigue and a clandestine experiment that threatens to change the world itself. Discover the secrets behind The Blue Ridge Project

My review

First thoughts – I was intrigued by the blurb and as I started reading the book immediately felt different to the usual detective stories.

Characters – In the beginning there are too many characters to keep track of. It keeps you on your toes because you never know which character will play a part or is the next victim. That kept things interesting, but also made it hard to form an attachment to any of the characters.

Style – Part one is present day and then part two switches back to events that happened in the past. This second part is where the story came together for me and where I got a better understanding for the characters.

Final thoughts – Towards the end a lot of things that I had been wondering about were explained (I won’t say too much in case of spoilers). I thought it was cleverly written and I am definitely intrigued enough to continue with the series.

Recommend to – Those who like crime thrillers with a touch of something different.

Rating – 4 / 5 stars

Check out the book for yourself on Amazon UK   Amazon US  or   Goodreads

#Review Bill Bailey – #Limboland #Comedy show at #GLive

I’m a long time fan of Bill Bailey. My husband and I used to roll in from the pub and watch his late night comedy show on TV. I’ve always loved his mix of music and comedy, so when I saw the tickets go on sale for the brilliant venue at GLive – Guildford, I couldn’t resist.

2016-07-07 20.01.30

Bill was on top form.

He started with some Brexit jokes to warm us up. His style of comedy is so clever, I love the fact he doesn’t swear (even though I like a bit of swearing in comic standup). He gets the message across without the need of bad language, my mum would definitely approve. Plus the kids can enjoy it (we have all his DVD’s), even if a lot of the jokes go over their heads.

His observations on life are spot on in a weird, nuts way.

His musical ability is amazing. Guitar, keyboards, drums, whistle, bells – I think this guy can play anything. I love his songs and bought his CD as a memento of the evening.

My favourite track is this beautiful piece – Pot Plant Elegy. It’s instrumental and I could imagine writing a dramatic, emotional scene whilst listening to it. The only problem is that its too short!

Highlights – the audience made a song with him and there were some very funny heckles.

Final thoughts – Great show, great music. All round fun entertainment. I could have stayed all night!

If your looking for a great night out, I whole-heartedly recommend Bill Bailey.


Visions of Zarua #review on YouTube

I’m really pleased to share Visions of Zarua’s first YouTube appearance. Thanks to Rosie Amber for sharing her review here. Please head over to YouTube and like the video review. She has reviewed lots of other books on YouTube, maybe you’ll find your next read among them.

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Just when we were almost ready to start the publication process for Anita’s new book, Let it Go, someone mentioned Kindle Scout. This was somewhere we could submit a new, never-before-published boo…

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This is a quick post asking you to share the news about #ComedyBookWeek with anyone you can who you think might be interested.  I’ve written a quick article about it on My Trending Stories called Do You Like Funny?  Why Not Join In? and it’s already had 3 shares on Facebook! 😮   Please tell everyone on twitter, facebook, etc using the hashtag #ComedyBookWeek and refer them to the #ComedyBookWeek website to see the calendar of events.

For those that don’t know yet, #ComedyBookWeek is a week long event filled with reviews, interviews, Q&As, etc with the authors and their books and yep, they are all humour/comedy books.  This event has been started by authors and it’s really Ana Spoke who’s behind everything so three cheers for her and then three cheers for everyone taking…

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#WWWblogs – Visions of Zarua #Giveaway & price promo

At the end of my two week blog tour I announced the goodreads giveaway via lucciagray‘s blog. It’s a worldwide giveaway where one person can win a signed copy. I’m aiming to beat my last giveaway entry total that hit over 2k. Will you help me spread the word?

Click here to go straight to the Goodreads giveaway page.

goodreads giveaway - river scene Luccia.G


Visions of Zarua is still on sale via Smashwords Summer/winter sale. Pick it up for $2.00 throughout July. I assume this will be discounted in other countries too. Just add the code SSW50 at the checkout.

If you missed any of the blog tour posts, you can check out my dedicated page here. I’ve added links to all the blogs involved – reviews, Q&A’s, promo posts etc.

There have been some wonderful reviews of Visions of Zarua. 8 months on, I’m so pleased that I took the risk and self published.

Today I have an average rating on Goodreads of 4.42, Amazon UK 4.6 and Amazon US 4.5. I’m thrilled that readers like Visions, and I ask again if you have read it would you consider leaving a short review? I love to read what you think, and the more reviews I have the more notice people will take of my work.

If you’ve been inspired by the tour / other reviews, here are the purchase links;

Amazon UK

Amazon US


I will be taking a rest from blogging for a bit. I’ll still post book reviews and photos, but I need to spend some time finishing my next book. Plus the summer holidays are looming large and I will have two children to amuse and stop from killing each other.

Thanks again to everyone whose supported me.

Guest Post – Dan Alatorre – 6 Steps to Creating Memorable Characters #Tuesdaybookblog

After my exhausting two week blog tour, I’m happy to take a break and hand over to another blogger Dan Alatorre. Today he shares with us a guest post all about creating memorable characters using his newly released book ‘The Navigators’ as a guideline.



6 Steps To Creating Memorable Characters – a guest post by Dan Alatorre

As young readers, we probably loved a character that we saw in a book and ended up carrying that character with us the rest of our lives. As adults, we still love big screen movie icons and characters from books, wishing we were that courageous or that suave or that funny.

As authors, we want our readers to feel that way about the characters we create.

Findlay, the bad guy in The Navigators, my fast-paced sci-fi thriller about a group of paleontology students who make an amazing discovery, was accidentally created – by the good guys!

Melissa, the hero in this new release, starts out as almost a secondary player. “Missy” eventually she takes over and saves the day.

Peeky is Ishmael watching Captain Ahab go crazy after the whale, merely a witness to events, until we learn what he’s hiding. Then we realize nothing is what it seems in this story, why he’s the narrator, and that we are in for a fun ride.

So that’s WHAT they are; HOW do we make them memorable?


  1. Whether real or larger than life, the reader has to connect with the character.

When you read The Navigators, you have a feeling about most of these characters before the end of chapter one. I make them a person the reader identifies with – and not always in a good way.

As kids, we’ve all known a bully. We’ve all had a crush on somebody we couldn’t talk to. We’ve all had an embarrassing secret get out – maybe at a really bad time. We don’t forget that stuff, and if we’re reminded of it in a story, we are right back in the eighth grade cafeteria, dropping our lunch tray in front of the whole school. We’re with the character right up to our eyeballs.

That’s gold for an author.

I showed Peeky as likable, then much later I revealed his secret and showed him to be less than likable, and by the end of the story he had regained the readers’ sympathy.

But we first made him likable. I did that by having other characters show they like him.

But… we had to like them first.

Missy has achieved status in the group of friends by being smart and hard-working. Missy is also the moral compass of the male-dominated clan. She isn’t afraid to set everybody straight. These are all admirable qualities, so we like her. When she jokes around with Peeky, we like him because she does.


  1. Make the character a whole person with three dimensions.

The reader transfers that initial fondness – and gives the benefit of the doubt – to Peeky. Later, he will have to demonstrate his worth, which he does by trying to save his drowning friend’s life – but only after he accidentally sees Missy go for a near-naked swim. He feels bad about seeing her, but he’s human. So now we see he’s flawed, and we appreciate his shame. We feel that shame, too (after all, as we read it we were right there watching with him). He’s complex and three-dimensional, not a cardboard cut out.


  1. Have your characters grow during the story.

I kind of explained Missy there, but here’s the rest. She a graduate student but she isn’t in charge of her life yet. She doing what she’s supposed to do and it’s only after she sees how easily everything can be taken away, like she’s seen studying great civilizations in the past, that she steps up and takes charge, ultimately taking charge of the entire group.


  1. Solidify our opinion of the character.

Mr. Mills, her dad, is a rich and powerful man who is a big teddy bear when his daughter is around. Readers like Missy a lot, and when she’s in for a big time scolding from dad, they love that he can’t help himself and just gives her a look and then bails her out while giving her a bear hug. We all want a dad like that. We love him, he loves her, and that reaffirms our good feeling about her. We trust her even more. We’ll follow her anywhere. She’s becoming larger than life.


  1. An adversary that challenges the hero

Findlay, our bad guy, starts out as a good guy! He gets made into the bad guy only after the gang cuts him out of his contribution to the discovery. So he has a vendetta, but from his perspective, he is in the right.


  1. If the bad guy is reeeeally bad = the good guys are even more good.

When Findlay captures Peeky, our meek and mild-mannered narrator, Findlay tortures him (verbally). Readers start to hate Findlay now. He already did things to mess with our heroes, but when he gets Peeky, Findlay dials it up to ten. He says and does things we’ve had said and done to us, and Peeky squirms the whole time. And I drag it out, so you really feel it. Findlay embarrasses Peeky. He then humiliates him. He makes sure every awful rock in Peeky’s past has been turned over and then almost makes Peeky grovel. Nobody wants that to happen to them. And the whole time, Findlay keeps saying Peeky’s name in a taunting manner. “You sat and watched them beat me up, didn’t you Peeky?” and “You didn’t help, did you Peeky?”

We’ve all had some kid on the playground in our face doing that. Nobody likes it, and by relating that commonality readers will feel what the character feels.

Then we have to show (red cheeks, squirming, wiping his sweaty palms) our character feeling what we want the reader to feel, and we have to take it to a new higher dramatic level, but we do it best by drilling down to our own core and taking the embarrassing, humiliating, cheek-reddening, never-forget-no-matter-how-hard-I-try stuff from our own lives, and putting that emotion out there for all to see and saying YOU’VE BEEN THERE, TOO.

That works. The readers connect again.


Memorable scene, memorable character(s).

Everybody who reads The Navigators comes away hating Findlay.

They all love Mr. Mills.

They cheer for Missy at the end and feel positive about where she’s going in her life.

And they are divided about Peeky. Most readers like him; a few don’t. That’s how he was written, so I did it right.


But who will they never forget?

The ones they connected with most. That’s why you have to put yourself in there. Your heart. Because it’s different for everybody but when you go there yourself, you make it universal.


Dan Alatorre is author several bestsellers. His new novel, The Navigators, is a fast-paced sci fi thriller that breaks new ground in its fascinating characters and truly unique story.

The Navigators (global link)


Dan’s Amazon author page


Dan’s blog


Visions of Zarua #Blog Tour – A New #Fantasy Book among my favourites

That’s it, the tour is complete. 14 days, 15 blogs! It’s been exhausting, but fun and what better way to finish the tour than with a final great review. Please check out the link to Color me in Cyanide and Cherry.


It is my great pleasure to participate in Visions of Zarua blog tour. I was generously given this book by the author in exchange for an honest review, and I simply adored the book. Below you can wi…

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